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Ted Hayes Statement on Barack Obama

    Ted Hayes Statement on Barack Obama
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Posted by MrEPluribus (7 years ago)
As always, great words from Ted Hayes. LA (and CA and National) GOP? You blew it big-time by not better supporting and financing this man's run against Maxine Waters last year. Blew it.
Posted by ljnicks (7 years ago)
Amen. He is an impostor. If he's not lying about his naturalization as a U.S. Citizen why won't he provide his real birth certificate.
Posted by onefxymama (7 years ago)
I was happy to hear that you can see right through this guy. I believe that he stands for everything that is Evil and he is so far from being patriotic, it is scary. If he is elected and he slides by the citizenship thing, I can only hope that the Rapture happens to take me home and away from what is to come. My love and prayers go to you and Our Country.
Posted by TedHayes (7 years ago)
Hello Vrajavala,
Thank you for your comments.

The engineer, who is great a friend of my mine. He is genious!

Apparently, you are hip to the bamboozlement of Obama and the Democrats. I believe the whole world sees what you and I see, but they are so hard-up for a First "Black" US President, that Demorats are willing to accept a forgery "son of the West African Americanized chattel slaves" in the stead.

As for Cynthia McKinney whom I met twirce at her Capitol Hill office (* By the way we got along very well...

While I wholely disagree with Cynthia McKinney being that she, like all of the Members of the US Congressional Black Caucus are socialist drinking fizzy cool-aid from soda fountaing of marxism on Capitol HIll and would not vote for her because of it, I would prefer her over the imposter Obama any day because at least she is a genuine "daughter of the slaves" having the "DNA" of the Civil Rights Legacies and Heritages.

Please respond, that we may speak of this matter further.

Please visit my Websites www.tedhayestoCongress.com also www.TedHayes.us also www.ComptonCrickketClub.com also www.Domevillage.org

My e-mail is Ted@tedhayes.us

Posted by vrajavala (7 years ago)
this is a great channel, but you should upload this video to youtube. it will go viral
Posted by vrajavala (7 years ago)
my question is Mr. Hayes, and I totally agree with you, is cynthia McKinney the more preferred candidate? i believe that after the Phillip Berg lawsuit is served, Barry will be declared ineligible because of his previous Indonesian citizenship check out obamacrimes(dot)com for updates.

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From: TedHayes
Added: 08-13-2008
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