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Ann Coulter, George Carlin and Jay Leno: Have you ever had sex with a Liberal?

    "I never thought that I would have to move to the right" George Carlin when handing over the hot seat to Ann Coulter.
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Posted by RegularGuy (352 days ago)
It is amazing how the issues of 2008 we had with the Democrats are still the same... Global Warming, Illegal Immigration, John Kerry and civility in politics.
Posted by Nomre2me (2 years ago)
George made no interjections, because he knew he was up against a woman who could shoot back!
Posted by uberchrist33 (6 years ago)
Treason was a shocker. Godless is great. Slander was great, as well. Since I'm late to the Ann Coulter party, I loved
Posted by missy14 (7 years ago)
i love ann coulter and think Godless is the best book in the worldd
Posted by ConservativeC (7 years ago)
Jay Leno is such an inarticulate dweeb! I love Ann Coulter! Godless and Slander are still my two favorite Ann Coulter books, Guilty comes a close second behind those two. But Godless and Slander are definitely conservative classics.
Posted by rwinger (7 years ago)
Why does the video stop after his monologue?
is this happening to anyone else?
Posted by Sivard (7 years ago)
She isn't evil, she's just talking back and giving her opinion. I don't understand what is evil or hateful about that. Like she said in this clip, the only "contempt" that is so often alluded to in the media is caused only by the fact that there are now outlets for the right-wing voice to be heard, where there weren't previously. I don't buy her books because I "look to hate", I buy them because they give some really insightful commentary into oft overlooked fallacies in society perpetuated by the Liberal media, which I find to be a very interesting topic.
Posted by dreamonmissy (7 years ago)
Cheers to Ann! She's one smart cookie.
Posted by SusieQ (7 years ago)
The fact that Ann herself had a friend who was killed in the 9/11 terrorist attack and never trotted him out to soften her basic argument that 9/11 didn't just happen to those widows (who were actively using the event and their victim status to promote their pro-Kerry agenda) well, that I applaud. That she deserves credit for. Our country was attacked. Not just those women's husbands and she's right that they were allowed to push their agenda without any dispute from anyone... except, of course, Ann.
Posted by commonsense (7 years ago)
When Jon Stewart or George Carlin use friendly "attack" humor to make their points they are applauded. If a Conservative does the same thing, Liberals whine. Most of the time Ann is just poking fun at Liberals. If you can't laugh at yourself...well then i feel sorry for you.
Posted by gyates (7 years ago)
She is truly evil. You can sell anything to people looking to hate. How can anyone watch this and still like her?
Posted by Terror (7 years ago)
The Right Wing cheering section was assembled by LARA which, I understand is dropping the word Republican from their name and replacing it with the word Conservative.

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