Fairness Doctrine = Unfair = censorship

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Previously the Liberals have attacked AM radio talkshows; one all the tools that they use to try to shut down and censor AM talk shows and blacklist hosts is the so-called fairness doctrine. Increasingly the Republicans have become more liberal, so increasingly and radio talk shows have been criticizing Republicans as well as Liberals. So now more Republicans are joining the Liberals that want to suppress criticism from and talk radio.

Politicians hate talk radio because talk radio sticks to the facts and logic and punches holes through the empty rhetoric from politicians.

Talk radio needs to say relatively free otherwise it's suppressing the press. That would give politicians the ability to suppress criticism so that you can be spoonfed their talking points without independent professionals questioning and challenging the rhetoric.

It seems more and more that politicians don't care about our constitutional rights.

Calling the legislation fair is deceptive, because it is anything but fair; it's a violation of freedom of press and free markets.

The "fairness doctrine" would let the government dictate the opinion on talk radio. If opinion is dictated and heavily regulated then it's not real opinion, it's biased propaganda.

Another problem with the so-called "fairness doctrine" that some say it would might require that anyone that files suit to be able to express a different opinion at the cost of the private show. So if I'm doing a show that is against child molestation, the fairness doctrine might require me to give equal time to individuals that are advocating child molestation and that I would have to pay for them to express their perverted views. That's not fair. If it's my show, I should be able to talk what I want to within reason without being forced to consume my valuable time with garbage.

If the politicians were so concerned about actual fairness in the media, how come they haven't confronted the all-powerful liberal press? For instance the pathological liars that claim there wasn't any WMDs in Iraq, despite the fact that there was. Such as the SCUD missiles that were fired at the coalition. Such as over a decade of WMD violations that the weapons inspectors found, and the UN acknowledged. Such as the US soldiers that became sick after being exposed to chemical weapons that were used as IEDs. There were over 500 WMDs, yet the liberal press is so dishonest and are such pathological liars that they claim there wasn't any.

We need Free Press, not spoonfed lies and propaganda.
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