H1N1 Flu Vaccine - eCongress In Under A Minute - Bring Home The Politicians

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www.econgressnow.com - [audio transcript below] Details on the new Flu shot that will also contain the controversial H1N1 vaccine.

Fortunately, there's a way to improve our defenses with an eCongress.

The time has come to make BRING HOME THE POLITICIANS a reality.

What is it?

It's relocating US Representatives to our Local Districts, US Senators to our State Capitals, and State Representatives and Senators to our City Halls/Courthouses to securely telecommute for no less than 75% of their terms while we surround them (Art 1, Sec 4 and Art 1, Sec 5, Clause 2 & 4 of the US Constitution allows for this).

More info at www.bringhomethepoliticians.com


Flu Shot Season is here with this year's batch containing the H1N1 vaccine.

Even with over 40 million doses destroyed for lack of use, the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION is insisting on cranking out more.

And if you follow the money, 7 advisers received millions from pharmaceutical companies for research programs prior to the declared outbreak.

Government also continued pushing the vaccine despite numbers showing the vast majority of H1N1 cases were negative.

This is a replay of the 1976 swine flu outbreak with Big Pharma and Uncle Sam hyping vaccines that ended up being more dangerous than the disease itself.

Ukraine has been ground zero for deaths related to a mutated H1N1 virus

The alarming part is that Ukraine is home to Baxter Pharmaceutical responsible for sending out the live Bird Flu virus to European labs who caught the dangerous mistake in time.

It's suspicious how pregnant women and young children are now first for vaccines reversing a decades old trend of putting them last for safety reasons.

And don't forget how schools vaccinated students without parental consent across the country.

But odds are you already know some of this and you're looking to avoid the shot especially in places like colleges that make it mandatory.

You can get an immunization waiver in most states on top of your 4th Amendment right against illegal search and seizure.

But the best way long term to stop this medical madness is to relocate US Congress back to our local districts to securely telecommute to break up the BigPharma Uncle Sam Alliance.

And this has been an eCongress in under a minute.