War with Iran - eCongress In Under A Minute - Bring Home The Politicians

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www.econgressnow.com - [audio transcript below] Is our "entrance strategy" ideal for a new war now with Iran?

Fortunately, there's a way to improve our defenses with an eCongress.

The time has come to make BRING HOME THE POLITICIANS a reality.

What is it?

It's relocating US Representatives to our Local Districts, US Senators to our State Capitals, and State Representatives and Senators to our City Halls/Courthouses to securely telecommute for no less than 75% of their terms while we surround them (Art 1, Sec 4 and Art 1, Sec 5, Clause 2 & 4 of the US Constitution allows for this).

More info at www.bringhomethepoliticians.com

War with Iran is on the horizon that might trigger world war III and so it's worth taking a look at our current state of affairs.

You've got Iraq which is a lukewarm victory at best but it's highlighted gross mismanagement like the $8.7 Billion in Iraqi Funds that the Pentagon can't account for.

Throw in revelations about US Troops protecting Poppy Fields to secure the Afghan economy

plus the $1 Trillion in Lithium found within their borders and the revelations of 854,000 people with the highest security clearance and the incompetent bureacracy surrounding them casts doubt on our ability to properly execute a 3rd war.

But we've got to support the troops and it should be pointed out they'll be in the firing line not just in Iraq and Afghanistan but in major bases across the region including the little known $1 billion dollar US Military Complex in Qatar.

Now take a look at the freedoms lost with each new war with body scanners found to increase skin cancer risk and the use of unmanned surveillance drones across the country.

Finally, there's the Universal National Service Act of 2010 currently in Congress that will force everyone from ages 18-42 to give 2 years of their life dedicated to uniformed or civilian government service which might reserect the US military draft.

If all that's not enough to justify changing course, it's at least worth increasing our defenses by relocating US Congress back to our local districts to securely telecommute where an attack on DC will be much less catastrophic now that a grid system of 51 will be in place.

And this has been an eCongress in under a minute.