Celebrities (Lohan, Gibson, Bieber, Gaga, Lebron) Attacking Internet? - eCongress In Under A Minute - Bring Home The Pol

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www.econgressnow.com - [audio transcript below] Are Lindsay Lohan, Mel Gibson, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, and Lebron James involved in a plot to shut down the internet?/nFortunately, there's still a way to fix things with eCongress./nThe time has come to make BRING HOME THE POLITICIANS a reality.

What is it?

It's relocating US Representatives to our Local Districts, US Senators to our State Capitals, and State Representatives and Senators to our City Halls/Courthouses to securely telecommute for no less than 75% of their terms while we surround them (Art 1, Sec 4 and Art 1, Sec 5, Clause 2 & 4 of the US Constitution allows for this).

More info at www.bringhomethepoliticians.com


Did Lindsay Lohan agree to use her pop culture icon status to help the NSA spy on citizens across the country?

Not likely, but Google has agreed to create a Spy Force with the National Security Agency.

Does Mel Gibson have complete access to your home computer without you knowing?

The answer is no, but under the Anti Copyright Trade Agreement that's been in development since 2007, the US Government will have the right to search your computer and collect as much information as it sees fit all in the name of stopping illegal downloads

A new Rumor has it that Justin Bieber thinks the United States must protect the internet by installing the same kind of web censorship used in China.

Turns out that rumor is half right, since it's not Justin Bieber but actually Senator Joseph Lieberman who advocates the Chinese model of Internet Control for the US

Have you heard Lady Gaga's decision to give the President the power to shut down the internet for 4 months whenever he wants claiming it's important to protect vital US infrastructue from cyber attack even though the vast majority power plants are not connected to the world wide web at all?

Actually that was a US Senate Committee on June 25th despite massive opposition from civil liberties and privacy groups

And many are wondering if Lebron James knows about any of this, but the important question is do you?

But don't worry, it's never too late to turn things around with an eCongress to relocate US Congress back to our local districts to securely telecommute for 75% of their terms to help stop the censors and liberate cyberspace once and for all and this has been an eCongress in under a minute.