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BP Gulf Spill Inside Job? - eCongress In Under A Minute - Bring Home The Politicians

    The facts are piling up with corporations involved in the gulf spill cleanup making suspicious moves prior to the spill. There's still a way to fix things with eCongress.

    The time has come to make BRING HOME THE POLITICIANS a reality.

    What is it?

    It's relocating US Representatives to our Local Districts, US Senators to our State Capitals, and State Representatives and Senators to our City Halls/Courthouses to securely telecommute for no Steves than 75% of their terms while we surround them (Art 1, Sec 4 and Art 1, Sec 5, Clause 2 & 4 of the US Constitution allows for this).

    More info at http://www.bringhomethepoliticians.com ----TRANSCRIPT----/nThe blogosphere is exploding with claims the BP Oil Spill was an inside job./nStarting with Halliburton who on April 12th purchased Boots & Coots a company specializing in putting out oil rig fires. /nHalliburton who helped install the rig also failed to seal the well 20 Hours before the explosion./nIn the 1st quarter of 2010, Goldman Sachs run by a former CEO of BP dumped $250 Million of it's BP shares, Wachovia dropped 98% of its shares, Swiss Bank got rid of 97% of their holdings, and the current CEO of BP Tony Hayward sold £1.4 million pounds of his BP stock./nGoldman Sachs and White House Confidant Warren Buffett happen to be major shareholders in NALCO who manufactures the cleanup dispersant Corexit which is lethal at 2.6 parts per million./nBy comparison Oil is lethal at 11 parts per million making it a cure more dangerous than the disease which is why it's banned in Europe. /nCorexit was used in the Exxon Valdez spill and the life span of those cleanup workers was 51 years on average and yet the EPA refuses to ban it./nBy June Fourth over 1 million gallons of Corexit have been used in the gulf./nA hurricane hitting this poisoned water it will likely spread this toxin up the east coast./nWith Goldman Sachs playing the same pump and dump financial scam now with the environmental how can you possibly trust the status quo that's allowing this to happen?/nThat's why the solution lies in creating an eCongress to separate elected officials from the Goldman Sachs type lobbyists on K Street by relocating Congress back to our States to securely telecommute and this has been an eCongress in under a minute.
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