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Ann Coulter on Geraldo "People Prefer Capitalism"

    Ann Coulter on Geraldo "People Prefer Capitalism"
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Posted by XCritonX (6 years ago)
Ahh August 09, back when the healthcare bill was only 1000 pages. The good old days.
Posted by stevezorn (6 years ago)
How can liberals pound Fox News for being in the pocket of the Republicans when this guy is spouting the White House talking points?nnGeraldo really hated to let Ann get in salient points on his questions.
Posted by russ1951 (6 years ago)
Amazing! Why does anyone waste a paycheck on Geraldo?
Posted by uk6strings (6 years ago)
Geraldo looks like a carrot with glasses and a mustache in this video - is it just poor color quality or did he get back from the Bahamas or something?
Posted by Kato_Institute (6 years ago)
We all know that water is essential for life. So why doesn't the government provide it for free? Because you'll run out of it, then no one has it. Example, countries like Algeria that don't respect property rights, subsidize and over regulate, give it away for free or choose to just ration water because it's so essential. How's that working out? Capitalism works. Free Markets work.
Posted by Wonderboy666 (6 years ago)
The kind of left promoted by the Obama administration ensures the protection of the individual by the State (in health and other matters) if that invidual is ready to assume the identity of a minority (I suspect Ann would go as far as to say the identity of a victim). This is the kind of social contract of the current USA. The problem with this kind of social contract is that all of us, at some level, can find a minority label, or several minority labels, we can fit in. Is the State oblidged to protect all the minority labels we can fit in? In the long run, what people may feel is that even being part of a minority (or having self-proclaimed as a member of a minority to fulfil their part of the social contract) is not sufficient to be protected by the Obama adminsitration, in health and other matters. That s partially why in the long run the Obama administration is more likely to disapoint than protect, not because they are doing worse than Republicans would do, but because they are encouraging a form of individual 'multiple minorital identity' that relies on State protectionism more than ever. Is a health free market the healthy way out? I don't know. I know that Anne, as usual, certainly has a point. rn
Posted by Yephora (6 years ago)
Happens every time: the weaker the Demonrat position the quicker Jerry talks over Ann's responses.

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