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Ayn Rand - Simpsons Fountainhead

    The Simpsons take on Ayn Rand's Fountainhead. The only problem I have with it, though not seen here, is Lisa saying, 'The Fountainhead, isn't that the Bible for Right wing losers?'

    Isn't that a contradiction? Losers? Then they go on to depict the story of an individual that would not conform, would not settle for mediocrity. An individual that would settle for nothing less than greatness.

    If that's the Right wing ideology, what does the Left have to say? Conform? Drag your feet through life?
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Posted by BruceSmith (4 years ago)
I have worked in high schools (in Australia), and am a parent of school children - never have I encounted any of this 'anti-achieving' attitude - schools are forever praising their high achievers. Also I have recently graduated from university, with inclusion into the Golden Key Society for high achievers, and the Chancellor's speech was full of praise for our efforts! Our cultures are very similar, so I'm sure it's the same there. So where's the problem? If it was as bad as you say it is then you guys wouldn't have made it to the moon nor become such a great superpower.
Posted by RichardPosner (5 years ago)
I appreciate the pleasure this brings, but I think this is intended as caricature---it reduces Rand's work to totalising polemics delivered by and in the form of crudely drawn characters whose motivations are always explicitly known, and always explicitly and knowingly noble or foul.
Replied by mzk1 (5 years ago)
I don't know - having recently read Fountainhead, that sounds pretty close to it.
Posted by oasis15 (6 years ago)
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Posted by Mystery_Worker (7 years ago)

In tonight's episode, a nameless character makes a point of saying his wife's name is Dagny, even though it is completely irrelevant to the story. Which leaves me to wonder . . . is there a closet conservative on the writing staff ? ? ? could it be . . . a Mystery Writer ? ? ?
Replied by mzk1 (5 years ago)
More likely a Libratarian.
Posted by NoGuff (7 years ago)
I haven't watched the Simpsons in about 8 years, since I saw another in an endless line of seething anti-Christian episodes.

I'm very surprised that the ultra-Liberals at this show were even able to understand a Conservative belief, and it's ensuing Liberal hypocrisy.
Replied by mzk1 (5 years ago)
Well, "Rand" was very anti-Christian. Kind of interesting, BTW, that her entire understanding of religion was Christian.
Posted by sfcmac (7 years ago)
I watched the episode and got as far as the requisite insult to conservatives, and changed the channel.
Posted by Mystery_Worker (7 years ago)

To paraphrase Ayn Rand from her Romantic Manifesto, you see art the way you see man and existence. And how does the Leftist/collectivist see man and existence?

Uniform, equalized with the ultimate goal of nothing more than functionality. This is a perfect demonstration of Rand's idea.
Posted by Thomas_Talionis (7 years ago)

the funny thing is that all of the vignettes were supposed to be parodies. this seems more like an homage. i remember way back they had an episode where Maggie went to pre-school. The school was called 'A is A'.

Fun Fact: During the opening sequence, the cash register at the grocery store blinked 'NRA4EVR' Although they redid the opening this year.
Posted by Mystery_Worker (7 years ago)
Huffington Post had a blurb about the episode. But they didn't touch the philosophy. All they said was that "Rand has never been cuter. Then again, Rand has never been cute." Keep in mind, this episode was dedicated to stories about strong independent women. Which leads me to wonder which side of the spectrum Feminism truly resides.

It's hard to disagree with Rand's message of freedom and individualism but deep down that's what it takes to be a leftist. As demonstrated in Atlas, Leftists tend to disguise their beliefs using different terms and phrases to fool themselves as to their true meaning and intent.

I hope everyone enjoys the clip. You can't get it on Youtube anymore.
Posted by Kato_Institute (7 years ago)

All Leftists put social value above individual value. What is the value of this product or building to society? This ideology is inevitably taken to further a extreme through eugenics; what is this individual's value to society?

Or we can be individualists and make those crucial decisions for ourselves. The problem with that, as previously stated, is that some people will shine brighter than others. This leads to jealousy or 'alienation' as Marx theorized. Leftists feel society must be united and equal like a lawn. For "when a blade of grass rises above the others, do we applaud it? No, we cut it down." And to quote Maggie, "YOU SUCK."
Replied by BruceSmith (4 years ago)
Yes I agree with everything she says here...I'm SO over post-modernism! But then why did I find Atlas Shrugged so wrong and scary?
Ms Rand must have lived in a different universe than mine. Certainly here in Australia, and I'm sure in the US too, our culture is forever praising our achievers. Sporting heroes, adventurers, scientists. If America is/was as bad as Ms Rand painted it back then, you guys wouldn't have made it to the Moon, nor won the cold war, nor become the great country that you are. Yes we have a tall poppy syndrome, but that comes from mass media, not left wing academics.
Posted by Kato_Institute (7 years ago)

Leftism is rooted in jealousy and revenge. So, yes this is an appropriate demonstration of the ideological spectrum.
Posted by Amitabh_Bachchan (7 years ago)

The Fountainhead is the bible for right wing losers? That's ridiculous. Atlas Shrugged is.
Posted by Jingo_Fett (7 years ago)

I saw the whole episode. Perhaps Lisa was merely staying true to her character. Although the writing hasn't been that good over the past few years. Mainly because the original writers are long gone.

One of my favorite lines from the old days was when the kids were using their grandfather's name to write episodes of itchy and scratchy. they asked him, 'didn't you wonder why you were getting checks in the mail?' he said, 'i thought it was because the democrats are in power.' Those were good days.
Posted by AmericanWomen (7 years ago)
Maggie is an American Woman.....

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