Did you know If CNN, NBC, ABC and MSNBC reported a lie 500 time then it becomes true.

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What happened to the 2nd and 3rd explosive at the Oklahoma City bombing? Nobody will ever know, because after the first day the media never reported on them again.

This video is part of a story about TV networks censoring a story. It illustrates when something is reported just once, people do not pay attention

The story is: CNN Continues to Censor Jihadist Mass Murder in USA, 4 Dead, Those Reporting, Those Censoring, List
http://aun-tv.com/cnn-continues- ...

CNN, NBC, ABC and MSNBC have never mentioned his name Ali Muhammad Brown, who has murdered four and was just arrested. Multiple sources with knowledge of the investigation say Brown told police he carried out the murders because he was on a jihad to kill Americans.

Repetition is the key to mind share. If people hear something once, no matter how important, they will think it is unimportant. If it was reported once and only once that President Obama got mad at his caddy and beat him to death with a golf club, people will doubt they heard it.

If you report something 500 times, even if it is false, people will think it is true and important.

That may sound hard to believe, but there is video of something like that happening. When the Oklahoma City Bombing took place all three broadcast TV networks reported in detail that the building had been partially brought down by a bomb INSIDE the building, that a truck bomb had also gone off in the street, but did far less damage and that two bombs were being defused inside the building, that had not gone off. And even Governor Frank Keating was interviewed on air saying that. Government officials were interviewed at the site saying the reason medical people were not being allowed in to save the injured was that they were waiting for the bomb squad to finish removing the two unexploded bombs.

Then they announced the bombs had been removed, the bomb trucks left and medical personnel were allowed in. All of this was reported for hours on live TV.

Then they decided to change the story completely, claiming there never were any bombs inside the building. How can the bomb squad spend a lot of time, while people are dying waiting for them to finish defusing the bombs, if there were no bombs? We still have that live video of the local network and CNN coverage.



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