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Obama is a Radical Communist: Alan Keyes

    (2/19/2009) By Curt Casper - He is a Republican who has run for president 3 times - the latest just this past year.

    Thursday night Alan Keyes was a featured speaker at a fundraiser for the Triple A Crisis Pregnancy Center.

    The fundraiser is an annual event. It supports the pregnancy center which is a Christian organization that counsels woman before and after giving birth.

    Keyes said he is putting politics aside Thursday night and here to support his prolife belief.

    "What is involved is the heart and conscious of a woman. What is involved is the life of a child. And what is involved above all is the simple preside that of all our liberty and dignity that we are created equal and endowed by God, not by human choice with our inalienable rights," said Keyes.

    Keyes also has some very strong opinions about President Obama. He ran against Obama for U.S Senate in Illinois back in 2004. Keyes doubts Obama is a U.S citizen and said he will ruin the country.

    "Obama is a radical communist and I think it is becoming clear. That is what I told people in Illinois and now everybody realizes it is coming true. He is going to destroy this country and we are either going to stop him or the United States of America is going to cease to exist," said Keyes.
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Posted by tovarisht84 (6 years ago)
It's men and women like this who cause panic, hate, racism, & division among Americans regardless of race. This man is calling the leader of the free world a...... non-American, because he won't show him his birth certificate... you've got to be kidding me. It's 2010 and here our country has Americans calling the President an illegal immigrant. Keys is insane.
Posted by GSD (6 years ago)
Another thing that I can't seem to grasp is that of the citizenship issue. Was George Washington a
Posted by GSD (6 years ago)
Allen Keys is a bucket of piss to drown rats in. I am a republican, and I have to say that it is people like keys who give the Republican party a bad name. We were not founded on the principles of slandering people.
Posted by USN_AM (6 years ago)
oh and another thing, being an active duty member of our military I have never questioned PRESIDENT Obama's citizenship and furthermore I haven't heard anyone else in my squadron losing sleep over this fabricated idea that Obama isn't an American. I am more than willing to carry out any orders I receive from my commander in chief and that is the first time I have been able to say that since I joined in 2005. Conservatives seem to think they know the psyche of the average military man or woman but that is not the case, the average military man or woman just wants to provide for his or her family and serve their country honorably. It is an insult to those who have paid the ultimate price to use them as a bargaining chip or to attempt to use them for political gain. I have had friends who have come back from Iraq with multiple mental disorders and frankly it is insulting that Mr. Keyes seems to think that a person who has been put through hell is coming home with nothing more on his or her mind than to go to court to question the validity of PRESIDENT Obama's citizenship. You are warped if you think that a person who has trouble performing day to day tasks because of their exposure to combat has any worries over whether they should obey the President's orders, they just want survive and live a life that resembles something to what they once had. It is so convenient to say support our troops and put a yellow ribbon on your car but when the troops return and get out of the military and are forgotten as so many Vietnam vets and even Iraqi freedom vets are, where is the support then. The lack of care for our combat vets is yet another tragedy in this country but again Mr. Keyes is focusing on abortion and that seems to be the only problem he wants to solve.
Posted by USN_AM (6 years ago)
Having known the Keyes family while I was growing up and enjoying the company of Francis and Maya and still remembering when Andrew was born I always respected Alan because he always seemed very passionate about his beliefs and I respected that! One thing I cannot understand though is that a man who seemed to love all of his kids so much whenever we visited them, and was even my brother's confirmation sponsor can preach Christian compassion yet disown his own daughter for being a homosexual. Although conservatives may see homosexuality as morally wrong that does not mean that we should not show them compassion as fellow human beings and dismiss them as so many people dismissed lepers in the past. I cannot continue to respect a man who can do this to any one let alone his own daughter! I also disagree with the slander he is spouting about Barack Obama, but he is entitled to his free speech and hope he continues to speak his mind it really is quite entertaining!
Posted by fireball (6 years ago)
I wish more Americans were like keyes. He is a credit to his Country.
Posted by rightwingfreedom (7 years ago)
I wish more blacks were like keyes. He is a credit to his race.
Posted by Lucky1346 (7 years ago)
Too bad Alan Keyes got such a bad reputation by speaking truths. I whole-heartedly agree with his assertion that Obama is a Communist.
Posted by Thomas_Talionis (7 years ago)

Alan Keyes has much more to say. Search for his other videos.

I was proud to vote for him. He ran on the Constitution Party ticket.
Posted by Yephora (7 years ago)
THIS is the black candidate who should have won.
Posted by mackenziedelrey (7 years ago)
may i add, he is now my life hero!
Posted by mackenziedelrey (7 years ago)
WOAH i dig this guy!
Posted by Thomas_Talionis (7 years ago)

Love him or hate him, there is only one Alan Keyes.

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