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Ann Coulter

    Ann Coulter "Octomom Vindication" The O'Reilly Factor
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Posted by Kato_Institute (7 years ago)

The government shouldn't 'foot the bill' for abortions or for a 'live birth.' Babies will come out all on their own. Proof: babies were born way before federal funding.
Posted by joadard (7 years ago)
The point isn't that she should have aborted them or selectively aborted them... she paid for the IVF to have another baby on top of already having 6 babies. Not only that - but IVF usually only implants with 2-4 embryos - so she must have pushed for the 8. If you already have 6 children that you can't afford - is it not entirely irresponsible to a) pay for IVF to have more babies and b) pay for IVF to have an ABSURD number more babies. Why should we foot the bill for this woman's irresponsibility?
Posted by Amitabh_Bachchan (7 years ago)

Like Ann said, can we have a higher standard than, well at least she let them live? Chris Rock has a similar routine. But it's not P.C. enough, even for this website.
Posted by theajane (7 years ago)
If nothing else, our country's attitude towards life is once again revealed in the Suleman octuplet controversy.

What scale of outrage would there have been if Ms Suleman had aborted these babies? What outcry would there have been if she had "reduced" her pregnancy? if she had chosen to let four live and let four die? Or allowed one to live and seven to die? First of all, the public would never have known. It happens everyday without a whisper of objection from any mainstream media outlet.

But oh the contrast to what we hear since she let all eight live! Such concern how she will manage! who will take care of them! and worst of all - the state may have to foot the bill!

Let the state foot the bill for abortions - let the state foot the bill for embryo destruction - but horrors if the state foots the bill for a live birth - or fourteen. Unheard of! Millions pour into Planned Parenthood's coffin coffers, certainly the $700 billion +++ bailout could spare some change for children whose mother chose to let them live.

Inadvertently, or maybe not, the culture of death exposes its menacing maw.

Posted by Jingo_Fett (7 years ago)

This is what happens when the government removes consequences. It is socially and economically devastating.

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From: AmericanWomen
Added: 02-17-2009
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