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United State Media fails with Obamacare ad rollout

    by PoliticalNews

    In what appears to be a bright spot of journalism over at ABC News, reporter Jonathan Karl has been repeatedly hitting the White House hard in recent weeks over its failed ObamaCare rollout, going so far as to mock its advertising attempts to sign up young people for health care.

    While Karl hit the White House hard on Sunday's World News, he was far from tough on Monday's Good Morning America, and offered up a puff-piece cheering on ObamaCare's enrollment numbers. Last week, Karl confronted White House Press Secretary Jay Carney over newly released ObamaCare ads, asking the press secretary, "I mean is anybody going to buy health care because Barack O-Breezy tells him to buy it because it's hot?"

    Karl followed this up by calling "Pajamaboy" mockery "justified" in a tough report on Sunday night's World News. During the segment, Karl mocked a new ad released by the pro-Obama super-PAC Organizing for Action, saying that the ad is: Earning some justified ridicule for this online ad featuring a 20 something guy in zip-up plaid onesie pajamas. That's spawning all manner of parodies. Even one with a photo shopped White House Press Secretary. California is out with this, featuring rapper calling himself Brock O-Breezy telling young people to sign up because it's hot.

    After playing a clip of his interaction with Carney, Karl continued to hit the White House, proclaiming that, "Only nine states have said how many young people have signed up so far and none of them have come close to hitting that target."

    Unfortunately, Karl's hard-hitting ObamaCare piece may have been short-lived as he offered up a softball story on the December 23 Good Morning America. On Monday morning, Karl acted more like a White House stenographer than an actual reporter, quoting the White House saying, "the website is prepared to handle a surge in traffic that is expected today...The President himself said that more than 1 million people have now enrolled through the health care law.

    Karl then goes on to cheerlead for the White House, proclaiming, "That is a big improvement, a massive improvement." Sadly, it appears as though Karl could only make it one day before returning to media's job of propping up ObamaCare at every turn.
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