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Apple - A Harris family holiday -HD-

    Apple has also posted to its YouTube page the full "Harris family holiday" video featured in its "Misunderstood" ad. The clip, which Apple says was shot entirely on an iPhone 5s.

    See the rest of the story:

    A teenager reconnects with the family with a collection of videos he edits on his iPhone.

    With a solo piano rendition of "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" lilting in the background, the spot quickly establishes the main character, in this case a teenager on his way to visit family for the holidays. Leaving home during winter vacation is hardly the ideal situation for many youngsters, and the boy quickly buries his nose in his iPhone 5s after watching his house draw fade out of view.

    Scene after scene, the audience is shown typical Christmas traditions; sledding, decorating the Christmas tree, building a snowman. Each jump cut finds the boy in the same place: on his iPhone, seemingly separated from the group. One sequence has a family member throwing a pair of what looks to be mittens or socks at the iPhone to get his attention.

    The boy is, however, intent on finishing whatever it is he's doing.

    About halfway through, the ad cuts to Christmas morning and we find our protagonist still on the smartphone as his younger sister hurries downstairs to open presents. As the family tears into boxes, the music abruptly cuts out and we see the boy move toward the TV.

    And the twist. He beams a holiday video shot and edited entirely on his iPhone 5s to an Apple TV, which can just be made out by its white LED. "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" fades in, with lyrics this time.
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From: Jamison
Added: 12-22-2013
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