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Ann Coulter is Attacked by Geraldo the Liberal

    Ann Coulter is Attacked by Geraldo the Liberal
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Posted by CJ (6 years ago)
What a jacka$$ jerk! (Geraldo ..not Ann) Now I now why I don't watch him.
Posted by gyates (7 years ago)
Boy she is a nut case! Why does anyone listen to anything she has to say? She is just selling books to people who love to hate. It appears she is very successful at that.
Posted by Yephora (7 years ago)
Typical vapid liberal hit job. Go Ann!
Posted by jfrigyes (7 years ago)
Ann must have a lot of problems if she has to set back and make fun of others and talk about groups of people that she knows nothing about. Only very sad, ugly, self hated people make fun of others and try to make a career of it. Ann you will never have a boyfriend, you will never be married and you will never find true love because you are such a hateful sick person. Do you see that all you do is talk over people because you can't answer their questions or be able to actually show someone proof of your insane accusations. You say everyone else lies, yet you are the one making a living on lying about others and making fun of others - you are an ignorant, fake blond with no mind, and you are far from a journalist or writer. You are plain sick and need to be removed from the media!
Posted by thrashbeat (7 years ago)
wow geraldo trying to pull the set up
Posted by ThinkoftheChildren (7 years ago)
Oh ann, be my valentine. You want to know about liberal bias? Ann has the #1 book in america launching this week. The subject- How liberals use victims as intellectual shields to silence criticism from their opposition. Almost simultaneously, Gov. Blago stands on a stage to defend himself from being impeached surrounded by poor children with liver transplants and other varoius victims. Nothing new here, in fact ann coulter just wrote a book about that tactic. Then why hasnt anyone in the media made the connection between Blago's victim shield and ann's book? Because it is true and that is not a message they want to pass along to the american people. Instead, they report on venom, shrillness, skinny (stand up and turn around ann!), etc... LOOK a messanger, KILL HER! Thanks ann, call me.

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From: AmericanWomen
Added: 01-12-2009
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