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Zimmerman Trial Indicates KKK Style Racist Injustice in Courts is Still with Us, Media is Culprit, HD+Newest Version

    Innocent people have been tried and convicted just because of the color of their skin. Our courts in high % Democrat areas would let KKK murderers get away it, because they believed in the racist murders.

    Today the same thing is happening. George Zimmerman likely would not have been charged if he was black (he is part black, part Peruvian and part white for the record, but not enough black to protect him). In the LA riots the first attempted murder was of a truck driver Reginald Denny just because of the color of his skin.

    Today the Democrat/KKK tradition of innocent people being charged for crimes they are not guilty of due to fear of Democrats rioting is still alive. It was wrong then, it is wrong today. Please send this link to everyone. There is one Republican that is just as guilty of this Lynch Mob Mentality as the Democrats, Joe Scarborough, Shame on him too.

    The Pretend Media has created race riots that have murdered thousands in the past and they still are inciting racial hatred and Injustice today.

    American Media Revolution
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Posted by AmericanMediaRev (2 years ago)
AmericanThinker has now published the video on its site http://www.americanthinker.com/video/2013/07/proof_of_modern_media_lynch_mob_for_zimmerman.html

Good to see the interest and good to see polls that majority of Americans of all races now think Zimmerman is innocent.
Posted by AmericanMediaRev (2 years ago)


Almost all the legal experts on the same Pretend Media outlets (CNN, ABC, etc.) that were trying to lynch Zimmerman for a year are now saying he will be found innocent and was overcharged. In fact they have been saying the prosecution made the case that he is innocent, not guilty, before the defense started.

We do not want to sweep this under the rug, the guilty parties in the media need to be convicted in Court of Public Opinion of Corruption. Pass this video on.
Posted by AmericanMediaRev (2 years ago)
Hello the point of this video is that not only is our news media, the Pretend Media, fanning racial stereotypes and hatred today, they have been doing it for over 100 years. Please do share this link with others.

We a video history on this case on how a lynch mob is generated. Almost everything the public is allowed to hear is a lie as this shows, AND those lies are said in a way to generate hatred.

Hope this helps ends the lynch mob, and thanks to PopModal for putting this on the very top of the home page.

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From: AmericanMediaRev
Added: 07-01-2013
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