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Ann Coulter mixes it up with the ladies on the View: After O.J. the 'White Guilt Bank' was shut down.

    Ann Coulter mixes it up with the ladies on the View: After O.J. the 'White Guilt Bank' was shut down.
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Posted by herbst (3 years ago)
This is one good reason why Anne Coulter is Wonder Woman. Intelligent, gracefully fierce, and bulletproof. She goes head to head with the biggest bigmouth idiots I have ever seen. I use the word "idiot" because of the great amount of energy they use to NOT fact check or consider for a second the possibility that they might be incorrect and instead interrupt and babble like insolent children; while Coulter remains poised and cool as a cucumber, unshaken in her convictions. It seems to me somebody who is insecure in their beliefs would react in a similar way as Whoopie cushion Goldberg did.
Posted by liberallimey (3 years ago)
Miss Coulter is just one of the many #$*@!s clogging the sewage pipe that is now the GOP, the stench is palapable and has obviously damaged the brains of those who ignorantly believe their crap. Contrary to what they seem to espouse, deliberate ignorance is not an asset.
Posted by HonestAmerican (3 years ago)
Great to see Ann confront 4 useful idiots and a RINO with the truth. The funniest part is she was ganged up on by a has been actress who had to change her name from Johnson to Goldberg to make money in Hollywierd and old Barbara Wa Wa who loves to have #$*@! with married black men. Good job, Ann. Give'em hell.

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