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Sean Hannity SLAMS Juan Williams on Obama's Record.

    $15 trillion deficit
    $5 trillion since Obama’s...
    Four $1 trillion plus yearly deficits in a row
    CBO Projects Trillion dollar Deficits as far as the eye can see
    CBO Projects Unemployment to be above 9% maybe 10%
    CBO Projects Taxes will be 30% higher
    Consumer Confidence going up because of projected Republican electoral win
    Credit Ratings Downgraded maybe again
    Misery Index at 28 year high first time in history
    Standard of Living has fallen longer and more steeply in last 3 years than any time in history
    35 months of unemployment above 8%
    Worse job record of any President in modern history
    Lost 2 million jobs since inauguration
    Chronic unemployment worse since Great Depression
    Juan defames Sean by calling him names to deflect and distract
    Obama’s promises to cut the deficits in half and keep unemployment below 8% has been kept.
    2011 is worse sales record for housing in history
    23 million Americans unemployed
    47 million Americans on food stamps and living in poverty
    Federal spending as a percentage of GDP the highest since WWII
    The budget deficit at 10% of GDP the highest percentage since WWII
    No plan to save Social Security
    No plan to save Medicare
    Highway trust fund to be broke in two years
    Obama promised in his campaign 3 years ago that if he didn’t fix the economy this would be a one-term proposition… We are here to collect.
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Posted by HonestAmerican (4 years ago)
Juan needs a new job.

Garbage men make good money and they always work.

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From: JeffersDodge
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