Time Management Tips

 Prioritize items on your to-do list if you feel like you’re spinning your wheels.  Use A for the items that have to be done today, B for the things you should do today, and C for the tasks you hope to do.
√ Never wait for anyone or anything.  Always carry something to do with you when you go out — a reading file or a project, perhaps.
√ Save time by making fewer decisions during the week.  For example, make a list of kids’ lunches.  Each evening or morning, simply pack the next one on the list.
√ Plan 60 or 90 days out for everything:  purchases, to-do’s and projects.  You’ll save time and money.
√ Spend your TV viewing time wisely.  Pay bills, clip coupons, iron, or work on tomorrow’s to-do list while watching your favorite programs.
√ Make doctor’s appointments for first thing in the morning.  Run errands and grocery shop early morning also.  Do everything you can during off-hours to save LOTS of time (and stress!).

√ Spend ten minutes at the end of your workday planning and making tomorrow’s to-do list.

√ Save time at the video store by keeping a list in your planner of movies you want to see.  Video previews, newspaper reviews and television entertainment shows have information on new movies and videos.

√ Save time by withdrawing enough cash to last until you receive your next paycheck. Stopping at the bank once every two weeks instead of twice a week can save you 19 hours per year!
√ Delegate.  It’s the number one time saver!  You can barter, hire or beg.  Start with neighbors, co-workers and college students.

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√ Take care of things immediately or write them down.  In a spiral notebook, keep a master list of tasks to do.  Choose an A, B or C priority for each.

√ Try starting your day 15 minutes earlier every day this week.  You’ll be more effective at home and at the office.