Skin ID Reviews

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Finding an effective cure for your acne can be a real pain as many so called ‘treatments’ available don’t work. Well, I decided to look into Skin ID to find out whether this product can really help you cure your acne.

In this article I’ll explain what Skin ID is, whether it actually works, the benefits of it and then provide real user Skin ID reviews so you know what to expect.

What Is Skin ID?

Skin ID is a personalised acne treatment made by Neutrogena, and it has been created to apparently cater for your personal circumstances.

This acne treatment was designed for individual needs. Neutrogena understood that each person’s skin is different, hence why Skin ID was developed.

The official site states that Skin ID can fight 16 different signs of acne including pimples, black heads, white heads, red bumps and even white bumps. However, more serious types of acne such as cystic acne may need to be treated by a dermatologist.

As this treatment is totally dependent on you and your circumstances, there is a free online evaluation over at the official site. This online evaluation helps you understand the best treatment for you.

Does It Work?

After literally reading hundreds of Skin ID reviews it seems this acne treatment does indeed work very effectively.

The official site also supports this by claiming clinical research carried out shows that 86% of people have visibly clearer skin within one week of application, and 100% after eight weeks!

This is really impressive, and from my research the root cause of this success seems to be the personalisation. After all, what might work for my acne may not necessarily work for your acne.


By far the biggest benefit mentioned by Skin ID reviews was that it effectively helped cure their acne.

In fact, many users reported how quickly they began to see results. Many reported seeing a visible improvement within one week, whilst the majority saw visible results within one month.

Another benefit mentioned in many Skin ID reviews is often overlooked, and that is that this treatment can help build up your confidence and self-esteem that acne took away.

This is extremely powerful because as your confidence grows it can help you feel better, and achieve bigger things in your life.

Yet another positive aspect associated to this was the affordability factor. Many acne treatments I have used in the past have been really expensive, and many of those didn’t even work!

I was pleasantly surprised that Skin ID is only $19.95 for the first month, and from all the Skin ID reviews I have read it does seem to work incredibly effectively.

When you get this acne treatment you also have free access to dermatologists for advice, and this seems to be an invaluable resource according to many users. I can see this being really beneficial if the treatment isn’t working properly, or you want to know more about certain aspects of it.

User Feedback

Here’s some feedback from real Skin ID reviews which I thought you would like to see:

“I’m in my early 20′s and have combination type skin with occasional, mild to moderate acne. I used nearly two whole ProActiv systems before switching to Skin ID and have found that this clears up my skin much better and faster.”

And here’s another:

“Acne really lowered my self-esteem and I have been desperately been trying to find an effective solution for years. After using Skin ID for three months my acne is almost gone!”

There were many others like these Skin ID reviews, but in the interest of time and space on this page I thought I’d show you the two above.

The overall feeling from users seems to be that this acne treatment really works, especially if you use it consistently. In fact, consistency seems to be the biggest factor when it comes to success or failure using this.

The users who used this product consistently for a few months saw some great results, whereas the ones who used it for a few days and then quit didn’t!

If you are consistently using Skin ID then I think you can expect to see some great results in a short amount of time.


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