Organize Your Clothes Tips

√ A cardigan is the most versatile piece of clothing you can own.  Wear it alone, buttoned or unbuttoned over a shell, button shirt or turtleneck, over your shoulders or around your waist.

√ If you have shelves in your closet install more of them.  Place them close together to avoid having to dig through piles to find what you want.

√ Reduce the time you spend dealing with clothing by buying your kids all one color sock.  Throw them in a basket in their closets — no folding, no matching, no worrying about lost socks.

√ Remove one accessory or item of clothing after dressing tomorrow morning.  Less can be more.

Do you ever stand in front of your closet and say, “I have nothing to wear.”?

Do you admire well-dressed women and wonder why you can’t seem to pull it off?

Do you spend too much money and time on your clothes?

This is the guide for you!  It includes eight sections filled with how-to’s, tips and real-life examples to inform and inspire you.  As Betty Johnson of Washington says, “It’s easy to follow.  You make it fun and easy.”

Other wardrobe books tell you how to dress on a big budget.  This is a realistic guide for today’s busy woman.  You’ll not only look pulled together but you’ll spend less too!

You will discover HOW to shop and WHERE to shop for basics.  Barbara McCracken of Worthington, Ohio says, “Your book was a lifesaver!  The advice has been invaluable in helping me organize my wardrobe…and my closet!  Packing for trips is now a breeze.  It’s just so easy.  I get so many compliments on my outfits now.  Your advice is simple, direct and easy to follow.  Your method works!  Thank you!”

The Manage Your Wardrobe System is 100% guaranteed.  You have 30 days to send it back for a full purchase-price refund.  Click here now to order the “Manage Your Wardrobe System.”

√ Establish a place in your closet for empty hangers, perhaps a basket.  On laundry day, simply carry them to the laundry room.

√ Set out tomorrow’s outfit, including shoes and jewelry, tonight.  Make sure there are no missing buttons or dirty spots.  Start tomorrow on a good note.

√ Hang a large mesh bag in the laundry room for dry-clean-only items.  Establish a weekly (or monthly) routine for drop off and pick up.