Organize Kitchen Tips

• Keep a list on your fridge of leftovers inside.  Family members are more likely to eat them if there is a visual reminder.

• Remove from your kitchen counters anything that you do not use on a daily basis.

• Organize your refrigerator and freezer by grouping like items together.  Place all the beverages on the same shelf and put all leftovers together.

• Keep knives, peeler, vegetable brushes and cutting boards together in an island or a drawer near the sink.

• Expand kitchen space.  Install a shelf under the sink.  Add racks to the inside of cabinet doors to hold plastic wrap and cleaners.  Use hooks to hold utensils.

• Make a spreadsheet of meals you normally make.  Choose seven and add them to your grocery list.  Do this every week.  Need help?  Click here: and I’ll email you the list I use at home.

• Keep as few plastic containers as possible.  Most leftovers only keep for a few days anyway.  Place them, with lids on, in a cabinet.

• Develop an area in your kitchen for lunch making if you have school kids or someone who carries lunch to work.  Stock it with lunch boxes or brown bags, plastic bags, thermos, quarters and small, reheatable containers.

• Buy step shelves which fit into your cabinets or pantry.  They’ll keep cans visible and organized.  you’ll find them at most home stores.

• Keep a binder of take out menus in your kitchen.  Also keep them in your office and car to save time.

• Pour drinks over the sink.  Peel food over the trash can or disposal.  Preventing messes is a solid step toward a cleaner kitchen.

• Keep a phone list in your kitchen of important numbers and restaurants that deliver.  Tape it inside the kitchen cabinet near your phone.

 Buy only see-through plastic or glass containers for the kitchen.  Food gets lost and spoils if you can’t see what’s inside.  Make a “leftovers” list and post it on the fridge.

• Save time in the kitchen by assigning a “helper night” to each household member.  Let someone else handle the details such as getting out serving dishes, setting the table and putting rolls on a pan to bake.