Office Organizing Tips

√  Invest in a dozen of your favorite, inexpensive pens and a small cutlery tray to avoid constantly searching for pens.  Keep the tray, filled with pens, in a drawer near the phone.

√ Make your work day afternoon more productive by leaving the office during lunch time.  Energize yourself by breathing some fresh air, taking a walk or closing your eyes for a few minutes.

√ Clear your desk top of all personal mementos.  Hang them on the walls, place them on shelves, but give yourself space to work at your desk, without distractions.

√ Schedule appointments and meetings with both beginning and ending times.  People are more “to-the-point” when they are up against a deadline.

√ Complete a phone call, then write down your next action relating to the call.  Do you need to make another call or mail something?  If you can’t do it now, write it down.

√ Simplify a big project by writing
down everything.  Then, put the tasks in order.  Next, set up a time line.  Finally, delegate as much as possible.

√ Reduce interruptions at work by moving your desk so you can’t see the door.  Passers-by will not be able to catch your eye as they walk by, thus avoiding unnecessary conversation.

√ Keep a “computer” file or box.  Place items to be entered and tasks to do into the file/box.

√ Keep a file for regular meetings you attend.  If you have a weekly meeting with your boss, fill a file with items to review.

√ Place tomorrow’s top priority task at the center of your desk before you leave work today.  You’ll start your day focused.

√ Designate a space in your office for items that need to go home with you.  Do the same at home.

√ Streamline supplies in your desk drawers.  Keep only what you will realistically use during the next month.

√ Sometimes getting your house in order means a small Home Advisor professional remodeling job is needed.  Home Advisor contractors can make structural changes that will help you better organize the space you have.  Older homes not designed for busy lives today can always benefit from a Home Advisor consultation.