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PopModal Policies

    • — What is is an online video sharing community that allows members to view and share videos that have been uploaded by our members.
    • — For how long are my videos available on stay on as long as you remain a member or whenever you choose to take them down.
    • — Does offer phone support? does not offer phone support at this time? However, you will be able to find all the answers to most of your questions here in our General Help Area.
    • — What system requirements are needed to watch videos on order to watch videos on our site, make sure you have access to the following system requirements:
        • — Windows 2000 or newer with latest updates installed
        • — Mac OS X 10.3 or newer
        • — Linux all versions
        • — Macromedia Flash Player 7.0+ plug-in Download
        • — Latest Java Update Download
        • — Suggested Broadband connection with 500+ Kbps
        • — Browsers
    • — Where can I report a security issue? Security issues or security vulnerabilities are things like hacks or exploits on PopModal. They are NOT things like user harassment or other violations of our Terms of Use. If you think you’ve found a security issue or vulnerability on the PopModal site, please tell us about it here. We need to know the exact URL of a sample page, if possible, and we’d appreciate it if you could include a detailed description of the issue. Please use an email address where we can reach you if we need more information, please contact us with your security issue report.

Note: If you need to report user harassment or other violation of our Terms of Use, please contact us.

    • — Where can I find out more information about PopModal as a company? You can read more about the company’s history and purpose on the Company Info page located here. Our privacy policy is listed here.


    • — How do I join become a member of, go to the “Signup” page, choose a username and password, and enter your information? Then click the “Sign Up” button. Click the link sent to your email and you’re done.
    • — What does it cost to join! It’s free! Just sign up, create an account, and you’re ready to broadcast. However, you can help us defray our operating expenses by clicking on our advertiser links. This will help keep the doors open and the Conservative MSM in balance and it doesn’t cost you a thing. If you want to contribute please contact us .

In the future, there will be different levels of membership at Just select your membership level, sign up, create an account, make your payment and you’re ready to share your video and become eligible to win prizes.

    • — I’m having trouble signing in. What can I do?If there are any problems with the information you’ve entered, an red error box will appear at the top of the page.The following answers are some common problems. Please check here if you are experiencing a problem to authenticate your email address and join PopModal.
    • — I forgot my password. How do I log back into the site?You can start the process to set a new password at the Set a New Password page. You will be sent an email with instructions.Attention: Once you click the [Password -> email address] button on this page, your password will immediately change. Your old password will also immediately stop working. You should receive an email with login instructions within 30 minutes. You must open the email and confirm your email address with a link in the email sent to you, in order to log back into PopModal.
    • — I keep being asked to log in, even though I entered my username and password correctly. What should I do?If you are unable to login with what you know to be your correct username and password, please ensure that you have cookies enabled. If your cookies are already enabled or enabling them doesn’t resolve this issue, try clearing the browser’s cache. If you had requested your password to be reset, then your old password will immediately stop working. You need to wait for the reset password email from PopModal to arrive and follow the instructions.
    • — How do I confirm my email address?Confirming your email address is required to perform many actions on PopModal, like uploading videos and posting comments. New members can follow the steps below to confirm your email
        1) Once you’ve created your username in our Sign Up page we’ll send a confirmation email to the address you entered.
      • 2) Click the “Confirm your email address” link within that email. You can also copy and paste the provided link into your browser if you prefer.
      • 3) To update your own computer session so your browser knows that you are confirmed and logged-in member of PopModal, you need to update your PopModal cookie. Just sign off of PopModal and sign back in with the password you used to create the account.
      • 4) You’re done! You’ll be directed to a confirmation page, and you can immediately begin exploring the site. If you don’t receive the confirmation email within a few minutes, be sure to check your spam folder to make sure it wasn’t filtered out. Emails should go out quickly but during heavy Internet use hours and on weekends, there may be a delay of an hour or two, caused by the Internet traffic and your email host.
    • — I never received my confirmation email. What happened?If you do not receive the welcome or confirmation email, please check your Spam folder or Bulk mail folder. You can also try to confirm your email again.
    • — I’ve confirmed my email address and I’m still having trouble. What should I do?If you’ve confirmed your email address by clicking the link in the email you received and you’re still having trouble, try logging out and then log back into PopModal. This will update your PopModal cookie. You can also try deleting your browser’s cache and cookies, refreshing your browser, and logging back into You may try to reset your password again at the Set a New Password page, or PopModal Suport .
      • — Username: You may only change your username when you first join PopModal. We recommend not using your full name for your username. You may also add extra numbers or letters either to the end or the beginning of your desired username. You cannot use special characters or spaces in your username. Use only alpha-numeric characters (ABCabc123).
      • — Profile image: You can always change your Profile image. Uploading an image for your profile should be in a 4:3 ratio.
        These are good sizes:

        • — 90 x 120
        • — 120 x 160
        • — 180 x 240
        • — 240 x 320
        • — 270 x 360
        • — 300 x 400
        • — 340 x 360
        • — 480 x 640
      • — Password Changing: If you are already logged in, you can change your password at your My Profile page. Choose a good password. Your password must be a minimum of 6 characters and is case sensitive. Avoid using special characters (such as * & @) to ensure that your password is accepted. Make sure that when prompted to retype your password you use exactly the same type and case used to create it.— Username, Profile image, and Passwords tips:
    • — I’ve signed up for an account. Why isn’t my username appearing in search results?Your account will only show up in the Member’s list when your email has been verified. You will be able to add in more information about yourself and your interests once your account has passed our additional origin IP check. There are unfortunately many spam and scam attempts to join our membership. Please explore the site and watch some videos and check back after a few days to see if your profile has been formally approved.
    • — What should I know about using PopModal from a public computer?PopModal uses persistent cookies, which means that depending on the security settings of your browser, you’ll stay logged on even if you close your browser. If you’re using a shared or public computer, remember to log off after you’re done enjoying the site.
    • — I’ve been told I’m ineligible to register. Why is that?If you receive a message stating that you are ineligible to register for, please review our Terms of Use for information on account eligibility.
    • — How do I close my account?We’re sorry that you are not happy with Please contact us to tell us why you’d like to close your account. Be sure to include your username and email so we can confirm it is really you, prior to removing your account.

Please contact PopModal Support for any other problems, issues, or concerns.

My Profile

    • — What are the Features of My Profile?Your profile is viewed in the Members area. Visitors to the site may see your basic information. Members see a little more information and can send you an internal email. Only your friends may see detailed information.You may edit your profile by logging in and clicking on your Welcome username in the top center.

Making and Uploading Videos

    • — Do I have to sign up to upload videos?Yes. Since videos are attached to your profile, you must sign up as a member to upload videos. Becoming a member also allows you to create a Group, collect favorites, and leave comments, among many other features.
      • — How do I make a video?You’ll need to have a digital camera or a video camera. If your camera is fairly new, it should be easy to copy the video to your computer. To copy from Videotapes or other film formats, you may need a specialized computer card/device to allow you to stream the video into your computer.Once the files are on your computer, you may either upload them, as-is, or edit the video files first with software such as Apple Final Cut Pro, Apple iMovie, Windows Movie Maker ArcSoft ShowBiz, Adobe Premier. These programs will edit, add titles, special effects, mix audio, change the file type, compress the file size, etc.It’s recommended that you make a version in a 4:3 or 16:9 widescreen format to upload to PopModal. Remember, the maximum video file size is 500 MB.

    Recommended video sizes (Try to always use the original video, if possible. Don’t resize it unless you must.):

        • — 1280 x 720 (note #5.)
        • — 1024 x 576 (note #5.)
        • — 720 x 540 (progressive preferred) (if interlaced – note #1)
        • — 640 x 480 (note #2.)
        • — 480 x 360
        • — 400 x 300
        • — 360 x 270
        • — 320 x 240

    Video sizes that need editing before uploading:

      • — 1920 x 1080 (note #3)
      • — 1440 x 810 (note #3)
      • — 1280 x 720 (note #3)
      • — 960 x 540 (note #3)
      • — 720 x 480 (rectangular pixels) (notes #1 and #4)
      • — 360 x 240 (rectangular pixels) (note #4)
      • — 320 x 240 (note #4)

Video Size Notes:

  • — 1. DV resolution – 720 x 540 is often interlaced if it was shot on an old DV video camera at 720 x 480 for TV playback. It is an error to stretch 720 x 480 interlaced to 720 x 540. A user has to force an editor software to do this. It is suggested, if possible, that you go back to the original 720 x 480 interlaced and follow the instructions in note #4 below and discard any interlaced 720 x 540 video.
  • — 2. Video resolution 640 x 480 is always interlaced. You can upload this to PopModal, but you may get jagged edges along contrasty lines, edges of people’s shirts, sideways motion, moving cars, etc. It is suggested you remove the interlace in the video, before uploading the video.There are two ways to do this:


  • — 1. Interlace removal by video size reduction:
    • — Reduce the size of 50% to 320 x 240. This will automatically remove any interlace lines. Save the new video in the highest bitrate with no compression that does not exceed 500 MB in size. Upload the result. You should get a nice conversion with no interlace jagged lines.
  • — 2. Interlace removal by line doubling or slight blur:
    • — Keep the full 640 x 480 and pass the video through a de-interlacing function. This is available on higher-end video editors, Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Final Cut Pro.


  • — 3. Very large HD videos – These videos can convert correctly on PopModal but will be reduced to PopModal’s default size for the player. Usually, 720 HD (1280 x 720) is large enough to use for a high-quality PopModal conversion.If your video is original and you wish to highlight it as an HD PopModal featured video, please Contact Us for consideration to have your video presented in HD. HD examples.
  • — 4. Rectangular pixel size (squashed video). Older DV and SD 4:3 non HD video cameras record video for TV playback. The camera makes the video squashed by exactly 10% to playback correctly on standard TV’s. If you do not adjust your video’s height before uploading the video online, people in the video will appear squashed. To fix this 10% squashed look of standard video correctly, your choices are:


DV format non HD cameras – The original video is 720 x 480 interlaced, you should remove the video interlacing to make a nicer playback video for online use. There are two ways to do this.

  • — 1. Interlace removal by video size reduction:
    • — Reduce the size of 50% to 320 x 240. This will automatically remove any interlace lines. Save the new video to a temp copy with no compression and label it with “full-res” in the name. This will make a very large file.
    • — Take the “full-res” 320 x 240 size video and stretch it to 320 x 270 to bring the video to its correct height (This is also called changing rectangular 0.9 pixels to square pixels.) Save this video with some compression so it’s size is under 500 MB. .avi or mov Sorenson 3 with PCM audio 44MHz stereo is recommended. You can also save it directly to .flv if you have software. ( Sorenson Squeeze (retail) flash encoder or Media Coder.) Flv’s are not reencoded when uploaded to PopModal.
    • — Upload the newly edited video to PopModal.
  • — 2. Interlace removal by line doubling or slight blur:
    • — Pass the interlaced DV – 720 x 480-pixel video first through a de-interlacing function. This is available on higher-end video editors, Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Final Cut Pro.
    • — Save this video with some compression so it’s size is under 500 MB. .avi or mov Sorenson 3 with PCM audio 44MHz stereo is recommended. You can also save it directly to .flv if you have software. Flv’s are not reencoded.
    • — Upload the newly edited video to PopModal.
  • — 5. Perfect 16-pixel squares inside the video size
  • — Video width and height that are always exact multiples of 16 pixels makes the video conversion slightly more efficient and can be about a 10 – 25 % quality boost.
    • — How do I upload a video?Please make sure your video does not exceed 500 MB in size, and in an acceptable format, you’re ready to upload it.
      • — After login, click the Upload button.
      • — Complete the Title, Description, Tags, and Category fields. The more information you include, the easier it is for users to find your video!
      • — Click the Browse button. Browse your computer for your video file.
      • — Set your video to Public or Private.
      • — Click the Upload button. Depending on the size of your file, it should take a few minutes to upload and convert your video file.
      • — Currently, the video is converted to a high-quality flash video, and iPad Apple compatible .mp4 video and if your original is 720 pixels height or larger, it will also be converted to an HD copy. Video uploaded prior to June 2012 will not have the iPad Apple conversion copy. To fix this for older videos see: Check for available video copies: Main, HD, iPad
    • — How long does it take to process a video after it’s been uploaded?The processing time of your video varies greatly depending on the format of your original video, file size, and upload traffic. This could take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour. If your video meets the minimum requirements and still won’t upload, there may be a problem with the video compression you’re using. If it’s a video from another source, it may have already been compressed and missing metadata in the video. If it is a flash video with problems, you can try fixing it with software like flvmdi. For the best results we recommend converting your file to .mp4 H.264 video, AVI video, .mov Sorenson 3 video with MP3 or PCM stereo audio.
    • — Is there a limit to how many videos I can upload?There is no limit to the number of videos a member can upload.
    • — How long/large can my video be?At this time, we are limiting your video to up to 500 MB in size and 20 minutes long. This may change at a later time. (The 10-minute limit is suggested by Adobe, the owner of the flash format. Videos beyond 10 minutes need to be encoded with special keyframes to keep the audio in sync.)
    • — How do I get my videos featured?Videos will be viewed and rated by members of, and we will review the most-watched videos and recent videos for consideration in the Featured Videos section of the home page and the featured videos on the “Categories” page. In the future, we will have a poll for the members to vote on the favorite videos to win prizes.
    • — What video file formats can I upload? accepts a wide range of video file formats such as avi, mov, mpg, flv, wmv, mpeg, mp4, xvid, divx, 3gp, mkv, 3gpp, asf, rmvb, rm, dat and ogg. For the best results we recommend converting your file to MPEG4 video with 192 Kbps or higher MP3 audio or .mov quicktime files with Sorenson 3 video codec, IMA4:1 or PCM linear 44KHz audio. Please keep your original video smaller than 500 MB.
    • — How can I transfer my videos from YouTube to my account at PopModal?Unfortunately, YouTube has changed its site, and uploading from YouTube automatically, within PopModal, no longer works.There are various downloaders available online and with Browser Plug-ins, such as:YouTube Video and Audio Downloader by InBasic
        •     Or

      Free YouTube Download by DVDVideoSoft        Donations to each original software creator are suggested if you download and use their software.

      Embed the video instead?

      You support the video site that offered you the original video by embedding the video instead of in PopModal. This will make a link between your Popmodal page and the original video on another site. On the Upload page two, choose the Embed tab. Be sure to have the entire embed code from either YouTube or any alternate video site saved in your computer memory with a copy command or written to a temporary file. You will need to paste the embed code into the PopModal Upload Embed area.

      Embed tips:

      In your Embed options, you can add a thumbnail. It should be in a 4:3 ratio. width x height: 120 x 90, 240 x 180, 400 x 300, etc. If you use this format the thumbnail will look correct. Also, be ready to add a duration of the video in minutes and seconds. Most video players will show this information when you play the original.

      What is embed?

      Your video is really owned by another party, so it may stop playing at any time, if the owner of the video deletes the original. However, if this happens, it can be fixed at PopModal. See Fixing an Embedded Video that no longer works.

      When you use the PopModal’s – Upload Embed – option and the original video is from YouTube, then the YouTube player will appear in your PopModal video page. The ideal width for embedding in PopModal is width = 560 pixels, by any height.

      Downloading videos to your computer then upload them to PopModal

      If the site allows you to download content and it has no copyright restrictions, you may do so and then upload it to PopModal. When you upload a video, you are more in control of the video and it will not cease to play unless you delete it from your PopModal collection. You should try to always upload a larger high-quality version, up to 500 MB size, if available. Your PopModal video will be of higher quality if you start with a better original video. The ideal maximum original size is YouTube measurements 480 or 720. The 720 sizes will create an automatic PopModal HD copy of the video when you upload it.

Tech problems

  • — I cannot see the videos at all!If you cannot see the video, get the new adobe flash player by clicking on this link to
  • — Is the video just a green screen?Your computer’s video driver may need to be updated to use the new Adobe flash player version Until you update your video driver, the new flash player may not allow hardware acceleration to work on some computers with Firefox.To fix your video driver properly, find which video card or onboard motherboard video you have by looking in the computer system information. Then go to the video card’s manufacturer’s website and download and update the video driver.For a quick fix, try turning off the hardware acceleration.
    1. 1) Windows – Right-click (Mac Click and hold) on the video to get the video control pop-up window.
    2. 2) Select Settings (left click)
    3. 3) The first tab of the little blue monitor should show first. This is the Display option to Enable hardware acceleration. Uncheck this option.
    4. 4) Click close and reload the page or go to another Popmodal page and come back.

— Mouse over to enlarge the thumbnails

Anytime you see videos in the detailed view mode, where there are three thumbs together on the left, you can mouse over the bottom of a thumbnail image and it will enlarge. (Clicking on the top of the thumbnail will send you to the player page for that video.) Some of the older videos, before 2011, do not have the high res thumbs, but most of the new videos that have been uploaded will have better quality thumb images that you can see by enlarging them. Embedded videos typically do not have these high res thumbs, only when you upload the video directly to PopModal, do you get this quality. The mouse over enlarge also works on the main thumb under the video in the video player.

If you want to be able to update and change the thumbs for your videos, PopModal has this option. It’s called Advanced Thumbnail Controls. Read more about it here.

— How to dim the lights in video playback

This option is currently offline due to technical difficulties. It may return again soon.

Browser Setup

    • — Enabling cookies:— Enable cookies for Internet Explorer 7 & 8
      • —Click “Start” and select “Control Panel”. (Note: With Windows XP Classic View, click the Windows “Start” button, then select “Settings” and “Control Panel”).
      • — Open the Internet Options icon.
      • — Choose the “Privacy” tab.
      • — Click the “Advanced” button.
      • — Check the box “Override automatic cookie handling” under the Cookies section in the Advanced Privacy Settings window.
      • — Under First-party Cookies, select the “Accept” or “Prompt” option.
      • — Under Third-party Cookies, select the “Accept” or “Prompt” option. ? (Note: If you select the “Prompt” option you will be prompted every time a Web site attempts to send you a cookie to click “OK”.)
      • — In the Internet Options window, click “OK” to exit.
      • — If this doesn’t solve the issue, try: Clear the cache for Internet Explorer

      — Enable cookies for Internet Explorer 6

          • — Click “Start” and select “Control Panel” (Note: With Windows XP Classic View, click the Windows “Start” button and select “Settings” and “Control Panel”)
          • — Select the “Privacy” tab.
          • — Click the “Advanced” button.
          • — Place a check in the “Override Automatic Cookie Handling” check box.
          • — Under First Party Cookies, select the “Accept” or “Prompt” option.
          • — Under Third Party Cookies, select the “Accept” or “Prompt” option.



         If you select the “Prompt” option you will be prompted every time a Web site attempts to send you a cookie to click “OK”.)

      • — In the Internet Options window, click “OK” to exit.
      • — If this doesn’t solve the issue, try: Clear the cache for Internet Explorer 6.

      — Enable cookies for Firefox (PC)

      • — In Firefox, select “Tools” from the file menu.
      • — Select “Options”.
      • — Click on the “Privacy” icon in the top panel.
      • — In the History area, click the “Firefox will: ______________” down arrow.
      • — Choose “Use Custom Settings for history” option
      • — Make sure Accept cookies from sites is checked.
      • — Click OK.

      — Enable cookies for Mozilla Firefox (Mac)

      • — Go to the “Firefox” drop-down menu.
      • — Select “Preferences”.
      • — Select the “Privacy” icon.
      • — Under “Cookies”, mark the checkbox for “Allow sites to set Cookies”.
      • — If this doesn’t solve the issue, try: Clear the cache for Firefox (Mac).

      — Enable cookies for Safari

      • — Go to the “Safari” drop-down menu.
      • — Select “Preferences”.
      • — Select the “Security” icon at the top panel.
      • — Under the “Accept Cookies” section select “Only from sites you navigate to”.
      • — If this doesn’t solve the issue, try: Clear the cache for Safari.
    • — Clearing the browser’s cacheIf your cookies were already enabled or enabling cookies doesn’t resolve the problem, you may also want to clear the cookies that are stored on your computer (Please note that while clearing your cookies may resolve the problem, it will also remove your saved settings for sites you’ve previously visited.) To find out how to clear the cache, click your browser:

      — Clear the cache for Internet Explorer 7 & 8

      • — Click “Start” and select “Control Panel”? (Note: With Windows XP Classic View click the Windows “Start” button and select “Settings” and “Control Panel”).
      • — Open the “Internet Options” icon.
      • — Click on the “General” tab if it isn’t selected already.
      • — Under the Browsing history section, click the “Delete” button.
      • — Click the “Delete cookies” button.
      • — Select “Yes” if a box appears to confirm.
      • — Click “OK” to close the window.

      — Clear the cache for Internet Explorer 6

      • — Click “Start” and select “Control Panel”? (Note: Windows XP Classic View click the Windows “Start” button and select “Settings” and “Control Panel”)
      • — Open the “Internet Options” icon.
      • — Click on the “General” tab if it isn’t selected already.
      • — Under the heading “Temporary Internet files,” click the “Delete Cookies…” button.
      • — Click “OK” for the “Delete all cookies in the Temporary Internet Files folder?” prompt.
      • — Click “OK” to exit.

      — Clear the cache for Firefox (PC)

        • — At the top of the Firefox window, click on the Firefox button (Tools menu in Windows XP) and then click Options.
        • — Select the Advanced panel.
        • — Click on the Network tab.
        • — In the Offline Storage section, click Clear Now.
        • — Click OK. more info.

      Firefox 9+

      • — Select the Tools Tab
      • — Pick Clear Recent History from the pull-down menu. (Ctrl Shift-Delete)

      — Clear the cache for Mozilla Firefox (Mac)

      • — Go to the “Firefox” drop-down menu.
      • — Select “Preferences.”
      • — Select the “Privacy” icon.
      • — In version 1.5, click “Clear Cache Now.” In 1.0, next to “Cache,” click the “Clear” button, and then “OK.” In 2.0, click on the “Clear Now” button under the “Private Data” heading.

      — Clear the cache for Safari

      • — Go to the “Safari” drop-down menu.
      • — Select “Preferences”.
      • — Select the “Security” icon at the top panel.
      • — From the Security dialog box, click “Bookmarks”.
      • — Click “Show Cookies”.
      • — From the Cookie dialog box, click to choose cookies from, and click “Remove”. Alternatively, if you want to delete all cookies, click “Remove All”.
      • — Click “Done”.

      If you need additional help or to access a stuck account please Signup help .

      My Videos

    • — Can PopModal videos autostart on other websites?No, this option is currently turned off. Embedded videos start when you click in the video. The image that shows prior to you clicking on the video is called the Embed Starting Image. You may change this image if you request the Advanced Thumbnail Controls from PopModal. See more information about his in the On Request section below. Advanced Thumbnail Controls
    • —What if my video looks stretched or squeezed?The answer is complex because there are many video sizes. Old DV videos are made for standard TV. The digital copy is squished to 90% of the original width, so it will look correct on the TV. This video looks squished unless the user adjusts the height in a video editor. Wide videos from HD cameras and movies or trailers may have been copied to the wrong size and your copy is the wrong format. Sometimes the width and height info is not saved with the video, as it should be, and even though it can playback correctly, once you convert it again by uploading it to PopModal, there is no video size info and the conversion copies to the default wide format. Sometimes the original video is wrong, but it is forced to playback in YouTube to another size. It’s always best to check your original copy to see if it is the correct format. Look for the width and height in the video information. See Making and Uploading Videos section above for details of how to fix videos.

— How can I adjust settings for my videos?

Each video has its own edit page which only you, the video owner, can access. Click the link at the top right of PopModal page; “Videos”, next to the Welcome and your user name. Or click the “My Videos” link in your profile. This will open a collection list of videos that you have uploaded or embedded at PopModal. Each video will have some thumbnails that can mouseover and pop-up enlarge, description, and other information. There will be an Edit and Remove button. The Edit button will access the detailed edit page for that video. Here you can change the description and several special functions of this particular video.

  • — How can I adjust settings for my videos?Each video has its own edit page which only you, the video owner, can access. Click the link at the top right of PopModal page; “Videos”, next to the Welcome and your user name. Or click the “My Videos” link in your profile. This will open a collection list of videos that you have uploaded or embedded at PopModal. Each video will have some thumbnails that can mouseover and pop-up enlarge, description, and other information. There will be an Edit and Remove button. The Edit button will access the detailed edit page for that video. Here you can change the description and several special functions of this particular video.

    • — On the right of the “Update Video” button, is a quick check for existence of Main, HD and iPad copies of this video on the server. (The Main and iPad video copies are created automatically. iPad copies of the video started to be created in June 2012. The HD only is created if your original upload video is 1024 pixels wide or larger.)

Information and features you can adjust:

    • — Title
    • — Description
    • — Tags
    • — Video Channels (up to three)
    • — Date and Location
  • — Broadcast – Turn video on for the public or off for you and your friends only to watch.

  • — Mobile Playback – Turn video on for the Special Mobile Playback Collection page for Apple users. This page is currently scheduled for release in September 2012. This Mobile Playback adjustment does not stop the public viewing of the video in the regular PopModal video collections. To stop the video from appearing to the public, use the Broadcast area options.
      • Older videos, uploaded prior to May 2012, will not have an iPad copy of the video on the server and the Mobile options for those videos will not show up. There may be a button to recreate an iPad copy of an older video, in a future PopModal upgrade. This would be an option added to

    Advanced Thumbnail Controls

      . You must request this to be added to your account. Currently, only members, with greater than 100 videos, have Advanced Thumbnail Controls.
  • — Allow Comment
  • — Allow Ratings
  • — Allow External Sites to Embed This Video
  • — Select Video Thumb (From three automatically created thumbs)

— Can I change thumbnails for a video?

Each video has three thumbnails, automatically created, when you upload the video. When your video first appears, in your account after the upload, the first thumbnail is selected. You can change this by going to your Videos link in the top right “Welcome” area on each PopModal page. This area and link only appear when you are logged in. You will see your video collection and each thumb selected will be shown with a “Thumb selected” notice under that thumb. To change your video’s highlighted thumb, click on the link “Change thumb choice”. This will bring you directly to the videos Edit page, where you can select an alternate thumb and save your changes by clicking on the Update Video button at the bottom of this new page. You can then close this page. Your video list will still be open as another tab.

    • The option for you to be able to change thumbnails to anything you like is now available. See more information about his in the On Request section below. Advanced Thumbnail Controls.
    • — What can I change to my video after it’s been uploaded and approved?You cannot change uploaded video to any other video, however, you can disable it from showing on PopModal and edit or add more information about your video. Simply login into your account and click on the Videos in the welcome area at the top right of PopModal pages… Browse your videos and click on the “Edit” button to edit it.
  • — Sorting options in the My Videos area?You must upload videos to use the My Videos area. You can link to this area after you log in by clicking the Videos link in the top right Welcome area from all pages.

    While in your My Videos area, you may sort many ways and alphabetically. A newly added sort is Embedded. This shows only the videos in your collection that are embedded from other sites. In other words, there are no physical video copies on PopModal. This is an option inside the Upload area. Since these videos are controlled by some other account at another site, they may be turned off by the owner on that site at any time. If you happen to be that owner, then you have control over the video, but otherwise not. In case you have a lot of these embedded videos in your collection, we’ve also just added further searching within the Embedded videos so now you can sort just the Embedded videos by Alpha, Most Recent, Most Viewed, Recently Viewed, etc. and the sort will stay within the Embedded videos in your collection until you click on the blue left arrow and go back to All My Videos. This level of drill-down sorting is only available to your own videos. So start collecting to enjoy all the options of how you can keep track of your collection.

    You may also link to your Profile edit, see your Profile Public View, see how your video collections look to other users, review your favorite videos, your playlist, your groups, and the sitemap.

    • — How private is a private video?You may set any video to private when you upload it or by going to My Videos and choosing the Edit button for each video. Scroll down to the Broadcast option and choose Private

      Private videos are now private only to your friends and to you. PopModal system administrators can review private videos to confirm compliance with terms of use. Private videos do not show up in Video linked searches. The thumbnails for private videos will show up searches by keyword and in your user collection in your profile under private videos, but they can only be played by yourself or friends. Thumbnails and description are viewable by other members, but not the video. You can send a link of a private video to a friend and, if they are logged into PopModal, they will be able to view the video.

  • — Fixing an Embedded Video that no longer works.Sometimes videos from other sites are removed by their owners. If you had embedded such a video in PopModal, then the video would stop playing. You could just remove the video from your account by going to your My Videos page and clicking the Remove button. You will be prompted with a warning. Then you can embed the video again from another site that works. Of course, when you do this, you lose your ranking of video views, popularity, and comments.

    There is now an advanced feature, where you can fix the embedded code, yourself. You need to request access to this feature and you will need to be approved. This feature can repair broken embed code for an older video and keep all of your comments and number of views. Support request

    The feature is advanced and can be used to create custom pages with alternate players, as well:

Special Features

  • — What are Groups?As a member, you may create a video group by going to the Groups tab and clicking the Create Group link. You can then add any of your already uploaded videos in your account to your new group and invite your Friends on PopModal to join your new group.

    You can manage a group of videos for any theme you wish. You can allow the PopModal Friends who have joined your group to also add their PopModal videos. You can approve the videos before they are posted to the group or let them be posted without your approval. As the group owner, you have control over what goes up and what is removed from the group. Removing a video from a group does not remove the video from PopModal. (You can only do that for your own videos in your My Videos area.)        Groups have some nice new features:

    • — Group videos can be sorted in 10 ways and alphabetically.
    • — AS Group Owner, in your ‘Videos Detailed’ view, any thumbnail can be assigned as the main Group Image
    • — In the ‘Videos Detailed’ view, mouse over the thumbnails give you auto-zoom.
    • — In the ‘Videos Detailed’ view, descriptions have automatic mouseover ‘more’ links.
    • — In the ‘Add Videos’ area – you can track all of the videos coming in from other friends, see which videos are in the group and which videos are waiting for approval.
    • — As Group Owner, several pages give you notification alerts for pending videos – If you have set your group to the ‘Approval Required’ option when other group members then add videos to your group you will get an automatic notification link when you log in to your group pages. This link is only viewable by you, the owner of the group. The link will take you directly to all the pending videos so you can then approve or reject them.
    • — As a member of someone else’s group that has Group Owner approval required, you can add a video to that group, your video will be tagged in the Group, as pending. You can go back to that group and see the status of your video. If it is still pending approval by the group’s owner, you will have a link to easily send a reminder email to the group owner and another button if you wish to remove your video submission to the group.
    • — The Group area has extended language for all text. Try switching to another language by grabbing the flag in the top right corner of the page to see this in action.
            Group controls when you make an ‘Approval Required’ type Group:

    •  ‘Set Group Image’ buttons appear for the group owner. You are also automatically shown which thumb is the current group image. Only one thumb in the entire group video collection can be the Group Image. This is the image that highlights the group in the Groups page. Only the Group Owner will see these buttons.
    •        (The ‘Primary Thumb – Change’ link can be set for each video. This will set which thumb shows first on PopModal lists as well as the thumb used for putting the video on Facebook. In this example, it happens to be the same as the group image, but it could be any of the three thumbs and can be changed independently.)

What the Group Owner sees

    • When you or someone else submits a video, you will see the video entry highlighted in reddish tan with Approve and Reject buttons. As the Group Owner, you will also get automatic ‘Attention Links’ appear in the navigation link bar above. This example shows an Attention link ‘Attention: 3 new videos need approval’. Clicking on that link brings you directly to the collection of videos waiting approval. In this example video, your are informed that you are the owner of the video and can approve it immediately. This two step process only happens if you set the group to ‘Approval Required’. Videos that are not yet approved will not show in the group.

What you, as a Group Member sees

    • In someone else’s group, when you add one of your own videos, you will also see a color coded video when you go back to that groups ‘Add Video’ area. You may review any pending videos and even send an email reminder to the group owner, to remind them to approve your video. You may also cancel the video submission to the group.

— Group iPad Sort:

A special sort in Groups is available for users with Apple IOS products, iPhone and iPad. It also works for any touch-screen user. The sort brings you to a collection of the Group videos that are IOS viewable and the thumbnails and buttons are larger to help with touch-screen selection.

— Selecting the title will go to a player with description and owner information. This player will play Apple IOS or Android.

— Selecting the thumbnail will go to a full screen playback only for IOS users. This playback is not set to stream so the video must first completely transfer to the playback buffer on your iPad or iPhone before beginning playback. This will always take a little longer. But the quality should be very high.

— The sorts inside iPad area all stay within the iPad collection. You have to click Back to All Videos to go back to the entire Group Collection. The reason some videos are not yet ready for iPad is that most videos uploaded prior to May 2012 did not get an iPad video copy made of it.

— Group Owner iPad Extra Sort:

For the Group Owner only, an extra sort is available just to find all the videos that do not yet have an Apple ready IOS video copy to playback.

— An extra link will appear to the right of the A-Z | Z-A sorts called No iPad.

— Selecting this will show all the videos that are not yet turned on for Apple IOS playback.

— IOS playback is turned off automatically if a video has no Apple video copy at PopModal. If there really is a copy, it will show up as a pink check mark instead of a gray X. You can click on the Off + link and turn it back on. Visitors will then be able to see the video in the iPad Collection sort.

— Another possiblity is that the IOS player is turned on, but the Apple playback copy is missing. If this happens, only the Group owner can see an alert notice. You can click on the [Turn off] link to turn it off as a Apple playable video. Otherwise, visitors will see the video in the iPad Collection sort but when they click on it, it will go to a blank player.

— The ability to upload a new video for Apple Playback or convert from the video already on PopModal is a planned new feature. It is expected that not many people will run into this issue. If you want assistance to make a favorite video of yours available for Apple playback, please send us an email from your member’s email address and list the title of the video you wish to create an iPad playable copy. Send PopModal a request to make an Apple Player copy of my existing video, which is already on PopModal

    • — Search options:There is a search box at the top of every page. Accepts groups, video and audio titles, descriptions, tags. Sorting the video collections and alphabetical searches are available throughout PopModal. Examples are on the Videos, Channels, and My Videos (login required) pages.
    • — How do I change language choices on the site?To see the different language options available on, please select your language choice from the drop-down menu at the top right of any page. Currently, you must be a member to use multiple languages.
    • — Sitemap pagePopModal is a complex interactive site. This means there are always new pages being created in many areas. The sitemap page helps you to see how the entire site is connected. You should be logged in to access this page. The top part of the sitemap page (membership required to view) shows Public area links and the bottom part of the Sitemap page gives links that will go to your areas only when you are logged in to your account. Check it out! There are many areas that members seldom visit.
  • — RSS (Really Simple Syndication)RSS is a newsfeed that shows you any changes in the Popmodal video collection. It is a way to be notified of new content from, without having to regularly check the site for updates. The RSS feeds page gives you access. You can subscribe to such a list and have it in your browser toolbar so that a quick mouse over the link will give you the latest videos in that RSS feed from PopModal.

— Mobile and Tablets

Mobile and Tablet page is available to Members only. Users must login to access the Mobile tab and page. Request Mobile access here. It features multiple sorts, playback in player by clicking the title, or playback full screen by clicking the thumbnail. Video owner profiles and new special user collection page for iPad playable videos is also available for each video in the Mobile and Tablet page.

Mobile page automatically resizes and repositions for Tablets and iPhones.

— iPad Videos

New iPad sort page for each Member who has videos. This new sort page is linked from the Mobile and Tablet page, or through the Member’s Profile page / Public Videos / iPad sort. You must be logged in to see this link in the Member’s Public Videos page and view these iPad sort pages.

iPad videos are automatically created for most PopModal videos uploaded after May 2012. If you have a popular, older video on PopModal that does not have an iPad video copy, you can request one be made. Send PopModal a request to make an Apple Player copy of my existing video, which is already on PopModal

On Request

— Custom Video Page with images & links

The PopModal staff can customize a video page to include promotional logos and photos that can be linked to your outside site. The video can playback in full HD up to 960 pixels wide. This is usually reserved only for original videos. There is a small fee to create the page. If you are interested, please contact us here .

See some custom player HD examples.

— Advanced Thumbnail Controls

(Getting Advanced Thumbnail Controls is by request. It can be turned on, per member. You need to email us here .)

— What is a primary thumbnail?

Uploaded videos on PopModal get three thumbnails. Thumb number 1 is always set as the primary thumbnail. You have always been able to change it to thumb number 2 or 3 by using the edit button in your My Videos area. Whichever thumbnail you make the primary thumbnail, it will show first in PopModal lists and is the thumbnail used for Facebook listings.

The first thumb is copied as the Embed Starting Image which only shows up when a PopModal video is embedded in another website. Popmodal videos always need to be clicked to play on other sites and this first starter image you see is called the Embed Starting Image. If you get Advanced Thumbnail Controls turned on, you can change this image.

Why do some thumbnails look better than others?

Uploaded PopModal videos thumbnails are 240 pixels wide. On most PopModal pages that list video thumbnails, these thumbs are shown half size. But in detailed view pages, you can mouse over and see the thumbnails pop-up to 240 wide. Thumbnails from older YouTube videos can be smaller and when those are copied over and used, the quality can be lower. Thumbs can also look bad if a video happens to be squished or stretched.

You need Advanced Thumbnail Controls turned on to replace these thumbs and the Embed Starting Image.

Turn on or off embedding a video in another site:

You have always been able to turn embedding on or off on each of your PopModal videos. It is a choice on the edit page for that video. If you are logged into PopModal, you can see an Edit link when the video is playing and there is an Edit Button for each video in your My Videos pages (Membership and login required to view). Turning it off keeps people from embedding your video on another web site.

Advanced Thumbnail Controls

Having nice thumbnails for your video can help make your video more popular. Up till now, you could only switch the primary thumbnail between the three thumbnails that you get when you upload a video. Now, you may request Advanced Thumb Controls. It will appear as a new button on your My Videos page, on the top left just under the sort links. This button turns on and off the Advanced Thumb Controls.

Once you click on the Custom Thumbnails button, the page will open up and show all the controls.

    • With these controls, you can now change all 3 thumbs and update the hidden 4th Embedded Starting Image. This is the start image on a PopModal video that is embedded on another website. Embedded PopModal videos on other sites do not autostart. They must always be clicked to play. So, before the user can click, they will see an image. With Advanced Thumb Controls turned on, you can upload a custom image for this.

There are several ways to change the thumbs using the Advanced Thumbnail Controls in your My Videos page. You have to be logged in to PopModal and, of course, you need to have uploaded videos before you can change any thumbs.

Thumb Updater from video:

Enter the number of seconds into the video for each thumb and click the buttons under the thumbs. Std (Standard) button will create a 4:3 thumb and the Wide button will create a 16:9 widescreen thumb from the video. These buttons force the thumb size, so if you have a widescreen video, choose the wide button. The buttons will not crop the image.

(You can see the length of the video under these buttons. You may use tenths of a second to find the perfect thumb.)

Create thumbs on your computer with a Photoshop type program and upload these thumbs to use on PopModal:

    •         Upload a new embed starting image

(maximum file size 100Kb)

     – Use an image to match the player’s embed size [540 x 304]. You need to use this wide size, even if the video is not widescreen. The player stretches or squashes any starter image you upload to fit this widescreen look. Once you click play, the player will automatically play the video back in its original format, 4:3 or widescreen 16:9. It does this by adding black bars left and right if needed. It is just the starting image that needs to be widescreen for a nice presentation look of your video. The embed upload controls will show a preview of how a new image will look. If you don’t stick to the widescreen size, the preview will look stretched.

    • Upload any new thumb to replace #1, #2 or #3 thumb in the same way.

 (The maximum file size is 20Kb)

    •  – These thumbs can be either widescreen 16:9 or standard 4:3 format. The standard format looks better because there is more of the image to see. It really doesn’t matter if the video is widescreen, you can use 4:3 image size for these thumbs.

iFrame and Preview Buttons

The IFrame and Preview buttons will appear ONLY for original videos uploaded to PopModal, NOT for videos that are embedded from another site like a YouTube video. The iFrame and Preview buttons open pop-up windows to show you how your video will look when it’s embedded on another website. The iFrame button uses the newest player, with black controls. The Preview button uses the old player with silver controls. You can change your Embed image and check it with the preview buttons. When you get the look you want, you can copy the embed code for either the iFrame new player or the Preview old player. The code will show up in each Window like the example below.

The IFrame code is easier to change the size of the video. Just adjust the width and height to a 16:9 ratio to get the starting image and widescreen playback to be flush all around, without any black bars. You need to add 40 pixels to the height to allow room for the control-bar. A 16:9 format like 480 x 270 becomes 480 x 310, and a size 640 x 360 becomes 640 x 400. If you don’t get it exact, you will get some black bars, but the video will still playback correctly.


Making a 4:3 standard video play, embedded, in another website without black bars:

If you want a perfect flush look with a standard 4:3 format video, adjust the iFrame size in the embed code to 4:3 plus 40 pixels extra to the height for the control-bar. For example a 400 x 300 video size would become 400 x 340 in the iFrame Code like this:

<iframe width="400" height="340" 
           A 640 x 480 would need to be 640 x 520. You can’t change the code on the iFrame page. That is read only. You need to copy the code to a file on your computer, change it there and then use that new code to embed your video on the remote website. The starting image will still be your Embed Image that is widescreen with top and bottom black bars. This will only be to start. Once you click play, the video playback on the remote website will be flush 4:3, on all sides of the player, without black bars. Remember, you need to start with a standard 4:3 original video.

Search for new images to use as custom thumbs:

Searching for new custom images is very easy. In the Advanced Thumb Controls at the bottom of each video section, buttons for Bing, Google and Yahoo image search will jump automatically to images based on the video’s title. The search page that opens is a separate browser tab and your My Videos page will remain open in another browser tab.

Search for new images to use as custom thumbs:

Searching for new custom images is very easy. In the Advanced Thumb Controls at the bottom of each video section, buttons for Bing, Google and Yahoo image search will jump automatically to images based on the video’s title. The search page that opens is a separate browser tab and your My Videos page will remain open in another browser tab.

How to prepare custom thumbs to look good:

A 240 wide x 180 high pixels size thumb is exactly a 4:3 format and looks excellent on PopModal. Thumbnails on PopModal pages are shown mostly, at half this size, but in detailed pages, Groups and RSS feeds, the full 240 pixel wide sizes can be seen. Thumbs this size do not need to be a larger file size than 20 Kb to look good. Even a 10 Kb jpg image file looks very good and has the advantage of opening very fast. This is why there is an upper limit to file size. If you try to upload a larger file size, your upload will be refused.

You need to use a Photoshop type program on your computer to make good looking images that are either 4:3 format exactly [240 x 180] or a 16:9 format exactly [240 x 135] and save them, using jpeg compression, to be under 20 Kb size. The Embed Starting image can be up to 50 Kb. Have these files ready on your computer and then upload them using the Advanced Thumb Controls, the blue shaded Uploading Thumbs area, under each video in your My Videos page. Remember, you need to turn on Advance Thumb control on the page to see the Upload controls. Do not use square formats, because this will cause the thumbs to hide the video title. You can use these sizes:

        1. Thumbnails: approved 4:3 (standard) format sizes (file size under 20 Kb):
          • [240 x 180] – [320 x 240]
        2. Thumbnails: approved 16:9 (widescreen) format sizes (file size under 20 Kb):
          • [240 x 135] – [320 x 180]
        3. Embed Starting Image: approved 16:9 (widescreen) format sizes (file size under 50 Kb):
          • [540 x 304] – [556 x 332] – [572 x 348] – [588 x 364] – [604 x 380] – [620 x 396] – [636 x 412] – [652 x 428]

Tips to make your images fit exactly the sizes you need:

Images you need to change are going to be either too wide or to narrow.

  • Your image is too wide:
    • Resize the image to 240 pixels wide. Make sure it is set to keep the proportions the same.
    • Pick a background color that complements the thumb image and change the canvas size to 240 x 180 and center the image.
  • Your image is too narrow:
    • Resize the image to 180 pixels high. Make sure it is set to keep the proportions the same.
    • Pick a background color that complements the thumb image and change the canvas size to 240 x 180 and center the image.
  • — Check for available video copies: Main, HD, iPad

    Advanced Thumbnail Controls now show check marks or X’s for which video copies are available to playback for each of your videos. This feature is still in beta testing and will be available soon. A special request is required to get this feature. The Main video should always be available. HD (High definition) may be available if the originally uploaded video was large enough, currently, it must be at least 1024 width x 576 height in order for an HD copy to be made. iPad copy for Apple hardware playback is normally made for all videos uploaded after June 2012.

    The checking for video copies only appears in the Advanced Thumbnail Controls. Upload and convert and play buttons are also available for HD and iPad videos. You should only replace videos that have a playback problem or do not yet exist. Please use the same video.

    Please do not upload a different video for the HD & iPad copy. This will just confuse visitors to your collection. If a mismatch is found, it will be deleted. You must have Advanced Thumbnail Controls to access this feature.

    Tip: The iPad video (.mp4) must be converted, just right, for Apple playback.

    Just naming it a .mp4 video is not enough. If you use the HD upload, you have an option to auto-convert an iPad copy, at the same time. This is the easiest way to get a compatible iPad video into your collection. If you decide to use the iPad Upload, this can upload directly an mp4 copy. Be sure to use these settings when you compress your iPad video:

  • Video Codec H264 MPEG-4 AVC (part 10) – Frame rate 29.97 or 23.985 – Planar 4:2:0 YUV
  • Audio Codec MPEG AAC (mp4a) – Stereo 44100Hz

  • Edit button goes to full editing options for the video to change the title, description, tags, share, public, private, add to mobile player, change main thumbnail, etc.

    Remove button gives you a pop-up warning and will delete the video completely from your collection and PopModal.

    Check Marks / X’s Automatically looks to see which copies are available to playback. PopModal only makes an HD copy if you upload an HD original. The iPad copy is made automatically starting in June 2012. Any videos uploaded before that will not have an iPad copy.

    Upload Allows upload new or upload and replace both HD and iPad copies. The original Main video always should be available. If it is not, you can safely remove the video from your collection.

    Play buttons Some videos will have the play buttons and some will not. The play buttons preview the quality of HD or iPad videos and appear automatically, only if there is a check mark. If you have an X, you can upload a new HD or iPad and the X will change to a check mark and the play button will appear.

    Question Mark Circle This button brings you here to the help entry for this feature.

  • — Advanced Thumbnail Controls – Guide

    All the features available in the current Advanced Thumbnail Controls. A special request is required to get this feature.

— What are Collections?

Collections of videos are created per request by the PopModal staff. The collection of videos offers unique features:

        1. — Once in a video collection at PopModal, you tend to easily stay inside the collection. The only way out is to click on the PopModal logo or click the back browser button. This makes it easy to search, sort, sign in and browse without accidentally leaving the collection.
        2. — New advanced player
        3. — Like and Google Plus buttons
        4. — Color themes and background images may be customized per collection.
        5. — Videos may be added individually to the collection as you upload them or when you edit them in your My Videos area.
        6. — Videos may be added in bulk on request.
        7. — RSS feed for each collection
        8. — All searches are sortable within the search.


    •         Here is an example collection page:

Ann TV

    •         If you would like to request a collection be made for you, please contact us
  • .


— Where can I find out more about advertising opportunities with PopModal?

If your company deals in areas that are of interest to the PopModal community and you have a campaign budget of at least $250. More details are available in our advertising info page. You can inquire further about advertising opportunities with PopModal here .

Glossary— 16:9 Widescreen video format:

      •         This is the new TV standard for widescreen TV’s. Many videos are in this format.

— 4:3 Standard video format:

      •         This is the older TV format and is still current for non HD channels.

— Account:

      •         You can create a free account at

— Audio quality:

      •         Audio in videos can lose quality every time the video is converted to another copy. Uploading a video to PopModal means that it will be converted to MP3 audio for Flash videos and HD. The audio is converted to AAC audio for MP4 Apple products playback.

— Audio sync:

      •         Where the words match the lip movement of people in the video. If the original video is in sync, it usually uploads to PopModal in sync. Sometimes the original video has incomplete video sync information in the file and this can cause an out of sync copy. This is often caused by editing an already compressed video. Almost all videos online are already compressed. So editing a video from online can cause audio sync issues. Professional video editors edit only full resolution and either uncompressed video or compressed video in a edit friendly format like DV, Sorenson, MPEG with all I Frames to avoid this problem.

— Basic & Detailed:

      •         Many pages in PopModal offer a basic view of videos with one thumbnail per video. The other thumbnails will usually rotate if you mouse over the image. The Detailed view of the same page will show all three thumbnails. Mousing over these images will cause the image to pop-up and enlarge. Detailed view also has more description information.

— Bookmarks and Shares:

      •         Add This pop-up bookmarks helps you integrate sharing tools into your site, spread your content, and drive social traffic.

— Channels:

      •         A video can belong to one of several Channels. If you own the video, you can change the channel listing in your My Video edit area for each video.

— Collections:

      •         Collections are custom requests for a collection of videos. The theme can be changed. Collections offer custom searches, sorts and keeps the visitor within the collection.

— Comment:

      •         A text response to a video available, per video for members.

— Embedding a PopModal video in another site:

      •         You can have PopModal videos appear inside other websites and blogs. There are two embed types. The IFrame embed code is inside the video player and an embed link should be visible when you mouse over the video. You can also click the Menu button, lower right of the video and then the Embed Tab. Most videos also have an older embed code using Object tags on the lower right of the player page, below the vertical ad. Using either embed code for a video, only works as long as the owner of video keeps the video in their PopModal video collection.

— Embedded Video in PopModal:

      •         The upload area gives you an option to embed an video from another site in PopModal. This is controlled by the other site and if the video on that site is removed, the link will no longer show the video in PopModal. PopModal offers an advanced feature to repair broken embed codes. See

— Embed Starter Image:

      •         This image is used when PopModal videos are embedded in other websites. Such videos never play immediately and the starting image does come from PopModal. This embed image starts as a copy of thumbnail #1. Members need to request the Advanced Thumbnail Controls in order to change the Embed Starter Images for each video they own on PopModal.

— Favorites:

      •         Members can click any other member’s video as a favorite. The collection of favorites can be seen in Member’s profile areas.

— Flag as Inappropriate:

      •         If you believe a video violates Terms of Use, you may flag it from the video page. Our administrators review all flagged videos.

— Flash Video:

      •         Flash video codec (FLV format) is used for Windows and non-Apple hardware playback. Newly uploaded videos will get this format as well as a copy in MP4 for Apple product IPhone playback. HD copies are also in FLV codec for originals sized 720 pixels height or larger.

— Friends:

      •         You can invite other users to be your friends. This allows you to share private videos with each other. You can send invitations to a friend after login.

— Groups:

      •         Groups allows users to share videos on a theme. Any member may start a Group and invite friends to the Group. If all the members make their group videos private, then only the friends of the owner of each video can view the video. Groups have extensive sorts and approval of new videos may be turned on or off by the member who starts the group. See examples in the Groups tab.

— HD Videos:

      •         Videos 720 pixels wide or larger are considered high definition. There is a collection of HD videos available in the
      •  (available to members only).

— HD Videos Preview:

      •         Preview an HD copy of a user’s video is available only for users that have Custom Thumbnail Controls.

— HD Videos Upload:

      •         Upload and replace HD video for a user’s video is available only for users that have Custom Thumbnail Controls. This feature has been put on hold, pending demand from members.

— iPad Videos:

      •         Videos 640 pixels wide with the Apple Player compatible video and audio. These videos are made automatically for videos uploaded after May 2012. There is a collection of iPad videos available in the
      • . (available to members only with added access) –

— iPad Videos Preview:

      •         Preview an iPad copy of a user’s video is available only for users that have Custom Thumbnail Controls.

— iPad Videos Upload:

      •         Upload and replace HD video for a user’s video is available only for users that have Custom Thumbnail Controls. This feature has been put on hold, pending demand from members.

— Language options:

      •         Language pull down switch is available to Members. Most all links and many information areas can change to another language for ease of viewing. The language flag appears in the far upper right, when you are logged in.

— Last Viewed:

      •         Detailed video lists include a last viewed date for videos. This can often be sorted in many video lists.

— Members:

      •         The PopModal Community is comprised of our members that are registered users who can edit their profiles, upload and share videos and communicate with other users.

— My Profile Edit:

      •         This is available only to the account owner. You may edit information you wish to share with other members online about your interests.

— My Profile Public:

      •         This is the view that other members see your profile.

— My Videos:

      •         This is an area available to members who have uploaded at least one video. It includes an edit and remove button. Members may request Advanced Thumbnail Controls to update their thumbs. When this feature is added, it will appear in the My Videos area.

— Original Video:

      •         Refers to the highest quality original video. The owner of a video will often be the only source of the Original Video. Most all online videos are copies and are compressed and no longer the original video.

— Playback issues:

      •         PopModal uses a very high quality Flash player and a new mobile mp4 player in May 2012. If the video copy that you upload has data problems it may playback online with some issues. These problems are usually caused by non-optimum encoding and editing. An original uncompressed video can be as large as 1.5 GB per minute for production quality HD 720 pixels wide and even larger at 7.6 GB per minute for 1920 pixel width. Obviously, most videos are smaller sizes because they are compressed. So when you upload a video to PopModal, it is almost always already compressed. Sometimes the PopModal Flash conversion on top of a video that already has some missing data will cause the video to have larger problems in playback.
      •         Videos that use a lossless type codec compression are better quality and can be edited in audio sync and without causing playback issues when uploaded to PopModal. If you try to edit a video that is highly compressed you may see playback issues and audio sync. For example, a compressed video using Reference image frames or I frames every 4 seconds cannot be edited on 12.4 seconds if the reference I frame image is at 12 seconds. Trying to start an edit in between reference video frames will result in 0.4 second out of audio sync and colored random blocks of video for the first second.
      •         If you don’t have the original uncompressed video, the only safe way to edit is to upgrade a copy of a video to full frame uncompressed version that is very large, edit it, and then compress it again for upload. Or simply don’t bother editing compressed video in the first place.

— Playlist:

      •         Each member can turn their playlist of visited videos on and off for public view. They may also delete individual videos or the entire playlist.

— Private Video:

      •         You can upload videos as private. These won’t appear in search results, and can only be seen by your friends.

— Public Video:

      •         Public videos can be seen by all visitors to PopModal.

— Rate:

      •         You can rate videos by clicking the stars. More stars are better. You must be logged in to use this feature.

— Related Videos:

      •         The Player offers a list of related videos in the lower right column below the video description.

— RSS (Really Simple Syndication):

      •         Really Simple Syndication) is a family of web feed formats used to publish frequently updated works – such as blog entries, news headlines, audio, and video – in a standardized format. An RSS document (which is called a “feed”, “web feed”, or “channel”) includes full or summarized text, plus metadata such as publishing dates and authorship.

— Runtime:

      •         The duration of a video.

— Sorting members:

      •         Members have sorting options to show with and without a profile photo and by gender and status.

— Sorting videos:

      •         Most all video pages allow sorting within the video list. The sorting includes, Most / Least Recent, Most / Least Viewed, Most Discussed, Top Favorites, Top Rated, Recently Featured, Recently Viewed, Runtime – (Longest first), Random and alphabetically.

— Tags:

      •         Tags are entered during the upload to help find the video with searches. It is better to never use small connecting words as tags, but rather nouns and place names.

— Thumbnail:

      •         Thumbnails are created automatically with each uploaded video. Members need to request to have the Advanced Thumb Controls if they wish to change thumbnails.

— User Videos:

      •         Members who upload a video will create a list of their videos in their profile as user videos.

— Video comments:

      •         Each video has the option for comments from other PopModal Members. You must be a member to comment.

— Video compression:

      •         All online video is compressed for playback. It is always better to start with the original video and compress it once only to be less than 500 MB before uploading. A lossless compression is best. The video will be further compressed for PopModal playback.

— Video edit:

      •         Members videos can only be edited for title, description, and channel membership. Online video editing is not available.

— Video encoding to Flash Video:

      •         Encoding to flash video is automated and set to very high quality. the current video bitrates are HD wide = 2 compression passes 1500 Kbps and 4:3 set to 600 to 900 Kbps.

— Video formats:

      •         There are many more video formats online and with camera specific than most people imagine. The main formats that can be uploaded to PopModal are: avi,mpg,mov,asf,mpeg,xvid,divx,3gp,mkv,3gpp,mp4,rmvb,rm,dat,flv,ogg,wmv

— Video quality:

      •         Higher online quality means larger files and longer download before the video can playback. PopModal has chosen a quality level that is at the top of the industry of online social media sites. Sometimes, this means some videos will take a little longer to download. Quality is also very dependent of the Original video sent to PopModal. Sometimes your original video can playback, even though it has many errors. Uploading such a video to PopModal and compressing it again, can cause quality issues. If you are the owner of the original video, then try to upload an uncompressed or lossless compressed 1st generation copy of your original video. This will help the version on PopModal to look better and playback without errors.

— Video remove:

      •         Owners of a video may remove a video from their account by going to My Videos area (the videos link in the upper right Welcome area on PopModal Pages.) A red remove button will be shown for each video. You will be warned with a message to confirm deletion.

— Video sources:

      •         This refers to where the video comes from; TV, Camera or Online location.

— Video types embedded at PopModal:

      •         Any video site allowing remote site embedded code may be added as a member’s video. This video can be removed by the original owner at the other site at any time.

— Video types stored at PopModal:

      •         Three video types are possible to be stored on PopModal.
        • — 1) Flash Video (Main) 2 pass encoded high quality flv
        • — 2) HD Video – Created when original video uploaded to PopModal is 1024 pixels wide or larger – 2 pass encoded high quality flv
        • — 3) iPad Video – Created automatically from May 2012 – 640 pixels wide and 2 pass encoded high quality MP4 with AAC audio – Playback HTML5 player

— Video Upload:

      •         Uploading a copy of a video that is on the member’s computer.

— View Counter:

      •         Shows the number of page views of each video.

— YouTube Video Transfer:

    •         Currently no longer working and turned off. Previously it uploaded a copy of a YouTube Video. The copy then is under control of the Member and no longer linked to the original YouTube video. Embedding videos from YouTube and other sites that allow embedded or iframe links will still work. Users need to get the embed code from the other site and use the PopModal Upload Embed tab.