Get Organized with Readers’ Tips

 From Amber Kern, an Administrative Assistant at a school in Duluth, MN:

“To tackle the piles of papers left behind at the end of the school year, I put four boxes in front of my boss marked ‘read,’ ‘write,’ ‘file,’ and ‘throw.’  Each piece of paper must go in a box and the piles disappear from the desk top in no time. 

We are left with concentrated piles that have specific tasks.  Another tip:  As the papers are sorted into the ‘file’ box, write the name of the file on the corner of the paper in pencil.  Saves time when filing.”


▲ From Veronica Dickinson of Lewisville, TX:

“Whenever we do laundry at our house, I put a cardboard box near by and as we are folding the clothes, anything that no longer fits or is no longer wanted, we put into the box.  The clothes are already clean and ready to pass on to someone who could really use them.” 


 From Janelle Ford of Valencia, CA:

“I have found something that really works for me for all those calendars and phone rosters that one gets from scouts, sports, choir rehearsals, church, work, etc.  I have a 1/2” notebook dedicated to them.  I place the clear plastic sheets in the notebook and place these in them. 

If it is a calendar, I get out my master calendar and put down all the dates that I think will affect my family.  I still place the paper in my notebook for future reference.  It is great for phone rosters.  Everyone knows where they are and can easily find them since this notebook lives on a shelf right next to the phone.  As new rosters come home I replace the old ones.  This has worked for me in a great way.”

 From Christy Tidwell of Angleton, TX:

“Instead of filing my bills and medical, etc., in file folders, I have started using 3-ring binders.  One binder for bills with dividers for utilities, home, vehicles, insurance, credit cards, and a separate binder, if necessary, (or could use the same binder with it’s own divider) for medical bills and explanations of benefits). 

I have come to realize that there is a lot of stuff that is actually not beneficial to file or maintain.  In the front of my binder I have a list I print out monthly with the bills that are the same every month (due date, to whom, and amount). 

Also listed are bills that are paid monthly “to whom,” the due date and a blank line for the amount that I fill in when I receive the bills.  Then I place the bills in the front pocket ready to pay on payday!  I hope this helps someone!”


▲ From Karen Phillips of Flintstone, GA:

“Jewelry-sized gift boxes and lids make great organizers for desk or sewing drawers to keep small, like items (e.g., paper clips, rubber bands, buttons, spools of thread).  These can also be used in small dresser drawers to keep jewelry that is similar, such as stud earrings, hoop earrings or a matching set. 

Even if the boxes and lids aren’t all the same size or shape, as long as they are square or rectangular, you can fit them together nicely like puzzle pieces.”