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Tthe 2010 elections WOKE UP the silent majority where they continue to scour the internet for reliable and safe sources of Conservative opinion and news. We are in a prime position to offer these services as an alternative to the Liberal Media.

People ask me what the difference is between PopModal and YouTube. Have you ever searched for a George Bush video only to find hundreds of meaningless vicious videos containing messages of hate, lies and distortions before you get to any videos that you may want to see? Have you ever experienced watching a YouTube video embedded into a conservative blog and be bombarded with alleged "relative" videos that are nothing more than Left wing tripe? Have you or your children ever been fooled into watching what you thought was a Conservative video on YouTube that has pornography edited into the middle of it? I am sure you have. PopModal will have none of that. We monitor all the videos that are uploaded to ensure that they all meet our "Family Safe" standards of no gratuitous violence, x-rated or anti-American videos.

We need your help. We are at a transition where our success is out pacing our ability to finance our operations. Please donate today. Consider making a monthly donation that will be used toward our operation expenses. Click the PayPal donate button below, or, if you wish to make a contribution by check you can call me at (310) 980-4271. Or you can go to any Wells Fargo and make a deposit right into our checking account named PopModal, LLC.


Jeffers M. Dodge
(310) 980-4271
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