After Christmas Organizing

The gifts have been opened.  Leftovers chill in the fridge.  Before you start focusing on the new year, try these tips to organize next Christmas.

1.  Make a list of people who sent you Christmas cards.  Add anyone else you’ll send cards to next year.  Input the list into your computer.  Shop for cards at after Christmas sales.

2.  Check your inventory of wrapping supplies.  Buy them now at 70% off in most stores.

3.  Make sure you have enough storage containers for all your decorations.  Storage supplies go on sale every January.

4.  Open your planner.  Start a shopping list for next Christmas.  List names.  Shop or at least note gift ideas throughout the year.

5.  Establish a budget for next Christmas.  Include gifts, cards, postage, shipping costs, gift wrap, special meals, holiday clothing and baking supplies.  Set up a savings account and arrange for monthly direct deposit.

6.  Ask family members what were their favorite and least favorite activities this season.  Make a note to focus on preferences and eliminate the least-liked next year.

7.  Write Christmas goals in your 2013 planner.  For example, July 15th, complete gift list; October 15th, address cards; November 15th, finish shopping; December 8th, reward self with spa day.