5 Stress-Relief Tips During War-Time

It’s easy to spend your days worrying during times of war and conflict. Many find it difficult to focus on everyday tasks. Following are some tips to help you relieve stress during turbulent times.

1. Make a list of your priorities and tasks you must accomplish. A list will help you focus by clearing your head of mental clutter.

2. Turn off the TV before bed. Watching disturbing scenes in the evening can produce fitful sleep.

3. Give a little. Many organizations are collecting donations for military personnel.  Be active instead of watching and worrying.

4. Be thankful. Don’t count sheep. Count your blessings instead. It will reduce your stress level dramatically.

5. Give yourself a break. Take care of important matters. Let the little stuff go for a few days if you’re feeling overwhelmed. Promise yourself to pull it together within three days. Mark it on your calendar.