5 Biggest Organizing Mistakes

Getting organized is easy if you follow some simple rules and establish regular routines.  However, many people make the following mistakes when trying to get organized.

1.  They think neatness equals being organized.  A clean desk is not necessarily an organized desk.  A home that appears tidy may not run efficiently.  Neatness can be a product of organization.  However, organization must come first.

2.  They buy organizing products such as containers, bins and baskets without knowing how they’ll use them.  Throwing items into a basket does not make you organized.  First, separate items into categories, measure, then find an appropriate container.

3.  They give up too soon.  Organizing is a process.  Learn the simple rules.  Do a little bit every day.  Keep on top of it.

4.  They don’t know where they put things.  Assigning “homes” to every item in your home is the only way to find things when you need them.  Label the “homes” for quicker access.

5.  They try to organize clutter.  If you have “stuff” you don’t know where to put, it’s probably clutter.  Clutter must first be sorted, disposing of unused items and trash, before you can organize it.