10 Traits of an Organized Home

1.  Lack of clutter because everything has a place.  The band-aids are in the kitchen cabinet near the sink.  All videos are stored near the VCR.  Today’s mail is sorted into baskets or folders.

2.  Refrigerator, freezer and pantry are stocked and organized.  There’s a planned menu for this week.  A grocery list-in-progress is posted near the fridge.

3.  Clean laundry is put away.  Dirty laundry is in hampers or is being laundered.

4.  Family calendar is updated daily and color-coded by person.

5.  Chore list is clearly posted.  Everyone does his or her share as a member of the family.

6.  There is a key rack, shoe rack and pegs for jackets and backpacks near the door.

7.  Toys are categorized into containers and can be put away quickly.

8.  There is a portable file box into which bills and paperwork is organized.

9.  Home appears adequately clean.  Family has a daily system for picking up clutter and a weekly system for cleaning the house.

10. Family members have time for one another because their home is organized.

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